KNS crosshair front sight

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    Gimmick? Discuss.
  2. Thats gonna be such a small crosshair picture that I canr imagine it being of any use

  3. Darkfront

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    I don't think it would be fast enough to acquire in any situation other than a slow fire target shooting situation. I think I'd have problems if I had to use something like that in a practical shooting type setting.
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    I'm with Dark. It may help if you are tracking and sighting, but not in a shoot n' scoot type situation. I would stick with stock sights
  5. I've got an aquaintance who uses one on her L1A1 and is very happy & competent with it. It is regularly used on the electronic battle skills range that we use where the targets pop up for a few seconds each at ranges from 50-400 yards. She does not have a problem aquiring and hitting the targets within the allocated timeframe.
    I'll speak nicely to her next time I see her and beg a few shots with her rifle and report back fully.
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    I would think a great sight for electronic pop-up shooting would be a holographic like EoTech or aimpaoint.

  7. Quite right but we tend to run most of our competitions/practises using as issued type service weapons as available to civvys.

    We do run some Free sights competitions on the same lines for the guys with optical sights. Depending on demand & shooters preferences.

    Can you civilian guys in the States hire the Army ranges??
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    there are high end ranges you can get into if you have the money. But, like almost everyone else on here, I dont! They are starrting to come out with range set-ups you can buy that pop up, move, that kind of stuff.
  10. Nearly all our military ranges have been privatised, which means that civilians can now hire them and many clubs now do this even if they have their own private ranges. It costs (The Club) about $140 per year for a MOD range licence then about $50 per lane per day. We regularly use one of our local ones which has a full IBSR (Individual Battle Shooting Range) which has electronic pop up/fall down targets from about 50 Yards to 400 yards.
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    there arent any around me, but I know of one in Denver, CO that isnt too expensive.
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    I got one of these sights the other day and got it installed. And I was able to shoot some quick rounds to try it out.

    I definitely like it and will keep it on my gun. I like this sight better than the standard post. I believe that my accuracy has improved because this sight gives me a better sight picture that seems easier, faster, and more natural for me to repeat. I like that the sight itself doesn't cover/block the target like a standard post. The crosshairs are visible but not quite like looking through a scope. And, I think if I were to shoot in low-light (which I haven't yet), the crosshairs wouldn't really be visible, but I think I could still easily keep the target centered in the front ring.

    I need to shoot a bunch more both off-hand/unsupported and from a rest/supported position and at varying ranges to really ring it out. But I don't think this sight is a gimmick.