Kopel: Gun Rights and the 2010 Senate Elections

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    Will the 2011 Senate be friendlier to the Second Amendment than the current Senate? While the 2010 election will result in gains for Republicans, both parties contain pro-rights and anti-rights candidates. In 2006 and 2008, this meant that the anti-Republican deluge did little harm to the net numbers of Second Amendment supporters in Congress.

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    Considering that Heller and McDonald are now part of American jurisprudence, you'd think the anti-gunners would just surrender gracefully. But that's too much to hope for. I hadn't stopped to think it might be possible to get a worse Democratic Senate Majority Leader than Reid, but I guess it is. The only thing that will surely prevent a Senate challenge to our gun rights will be if the Republicans take the Senate back. Looking at the information in the Kopel article and presuming the Republicans don't lose any of the seats they have now, it's just barely possible the Republicans could get a 51 seat bare majority.

    Unfortunately, what seems more likely is that they will pick up enough seats to be a strong minority party in the Senate (47 or 48), which will leave the Democrats in control, aided and abetted by independents like Joe "Sore Loser" Lieberman, who votes with the Democrats consistently, being that he used to be one. The Republicans be able to filibuster and prevent cloture votes assuming they vote as a bloc, but they won't have control.

    What this in turn means is we need to keep an eye on the Democratic Senators who consistently vote for gun rights. As long as they maintain that stance, we may be safe until the 2012 election. It would help a lot if we could get Upchuck Schumer out of the Senate, but short of his being caught screwing an underage girl and a goat on the National Mall on live TV, that's not going to happen.

  3. If I have anything to do with it (meaning who I vote for and them being pro-gun, gets elected) and every other pro-gun person votes for same, it should be and IT DAMNED WELL BETTER BE!

    But in my honest opinion, it isn't going to do much for the direction this country is heading in. It will merely embolden our right to bear arms and thus the right to defend ourselves, our family and our property.

    Because it's obvious as things are right now, in a few states, criminals seem to have more rights the law-abiding responsible citizens.
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