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    This thread we will see actual photos from the Korean War era, including combat photos, planes, armament, admirals, personnel and the peace talks.

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    THANK YOU for all the pic's. For someone like me those pictures are something special.
    I am a peace time vet. but have alot of friends that are not. They range from Korea to the gulf era's. I can't imaging the things you went through and can't say thanks enough.
    If folks like you didn't do what you did I wouldn't even be able to do something as simple as writing this. ALOT of people take even the simple things like this for granted. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the pics Marine1. really appreciate them
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    You are quite welcome. I thank you for this posting. There are very "few who care" about these photos, today, and would rather forget they ever existed. They live "free" today because of what these folks did for them, with their lives and blood. Glad to see you, and many others here... are not one of them.
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    M1, I hear you. Kinda like in the movie, "Heartbreak Ridge", lock 'em up out of sight, with a sign, "Break glass in case of war". Do the defending and dying, then be quiet or go away. I've said it many times, I wouldn't wish my experience on anybody, but I also wouldn't give it up for a million bucks. I still can't put that feeling into plain english, but I think you, and fellow veterans understand. Good picture show. I came across my slides from that time in my life, but someone got into them, and they're a mess. I'll try to get 'em squared away, and on CD's, and I'll share 'em withyou. Got some good pics of the flightdeck, on Ranger and Coral Sea.
  8. I am currently reading . . .

    THE COLDEST WINTER: America and the Korean War by David Halberstam.

    It really brings forth the situation of America entering into combat with conflicts over goals, methods, end results, etc. stretching from the commanders in the field to McArthur's Tokyo headquarters to the State Department to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Truman White House.
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    All of the pictures you post are a step back in time.A time that should never be forgotten and I truely want to thank you again for posting them sir....!!!
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    Korean War, the Frozen War

    For those interested in more info, read One Bugle, No Drum by SLA Marshall, documenting the advance to and retreat from the Choosun Resivoir. There were more casualties due to frostbite and hypothermia on both sides than from munitions. The Chineese in particular were overly optimistic and suffered worse off in that department.

    My dad was in Korea from '51 to '53 as CO in the Signal Corps. That spelled out "105 howitzer spotter command". He had some bizarre stories to tell from that experience and was deaf as a post at low sound frequencies from it. The one that struck me most was that he said was never shot at with anything smaller than a 75mm. So much for that 1911 .45 that he carried. Said he never unholstered it in 2 years in self defense.
  11. I have purchased and finished reading

    THE COLDEST WINTER by David Halberstram. It is truly a definitive
    history of this war so tragic in its mismanagement by the American
    military. It is so sad so many suffered and died as the American military establishment fought turf and power wars while America's political establishment floundered in a mixture of fear, respect, and hate for General MacArthur. Yet the military people who knew how bad the situation could and did become were either stifled or held their opinions in check in fear of their leadership so the blame is widespread.