Koreans Pose as Japanese for $500 Per Month(0)

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    Koreans Pose as Japanese for $500 Per Month(0)

    Sushi restaurants and bars are extremely popular in the Russian capital, Moscow. However, when people go to these eateries they may think that waiters in Japanese restaurants have nothing to do with Japan. As it turns out, waiters working in Moscow sushi restaurants are in fact Koreans posing as Japanese.

    Russian on-line source, Regions.ru, informs with reference to reliable sources that these waiters are Koreans who work as Japanese in the Russian sushi bars. Restaurant owners recruit Koreans in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria where the former come in search of jobs.

    Koreans posing as Japanese waiters in Moscow sushi bars are paid 500-1000 USD per month. Certainly, the Asian appearance is not the only thing Koreans need to work in the sushi bars; they must also know how to prepare and serve sushi. Journalists are dispelling another myth about sushi: contrary to the myth saying that it takes many years to learn how to prepare raw fish with rice properly, any Korean arriving in Moscow can master it within a period of one week to a month.

    Managers in sushi restaurants say that “accurate eyes and rapid responseâ€￾ that’s what Koreans need to work as Japanese.
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    Who cares as long as they don't overcook my 12 oz. Kansas City sirloin steak?

    A big part of eating there is the entertainment of watching them juggle all the frying pans around without dropping too much.:D :nod:


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    Me no rikey!!
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    Real men don't eat bait! :rolleyes:

    Make my steak medium-rare! :D