Krag Jorgensen cut-downs

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  1. I have two 30-40 Krags. One cut down and an original. They are on the left side of the pic. US Rifles.jpg

    Nice rifles, fun to shoot, always gets attention at the range because of the trap door loading. I just happen to love these big wood and steel rifles.
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  2. I recently acquired a Model 1899 .30-40 Krag carbine which I had a highly regarded gunsmith inspect for safety and overall condition. He certified the carbine to be safe for firing, but cautioned me to work-up my loads carefully because the Krag receivers are not notably strong. Since then, then I have put 95 handloads through it. Being a reloader, I used 4 different mid-range burning powders which I had in inventory to determine which recipe the "old girl" liked best. I got the best results using 32 grs. of R/L 15 with Hornady 180 gr RN Interlock bullets that grouped at 5" at 100 yds. Over time, my goal is shoot 2", 100 yd. groups. My total investment for reloading 100 rounds was minimal: $33 for a set of Lee Pacemaker dies, $16 for shell holders, and $42 for 50 rounds of Hornady brass. All other components I had on hand.
    Later on today I am going to order Col. Brophy's book on the .30-40 Krags because I need to determine the accuracy of a post I read on the Krag Collectors forum which stated that all Model 1899 Krags were manufactured as carbines. If Brophy confirms that, I can then be sure that my carbine is not a cut down and is the "real McKoy'.
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    they did make what is called the officers carbine.
    I found one some years back for a very reasonable price but mistakenly thought it was a rifle that had been chopped so I passed.
    after going home and doing some book reading [no internet back then] I high tailed it back, to of course find the rifle long gone.
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    Why isn't there a 30-40 Krag topic on this site?
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    Good thing for you to work on I guess. :)
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    4DD834B0-16A1-4ED7-961C-AEAED7A04884.jpeg 01B98449-099C-4F17-BEA6-FC61A6D0530D.jpeg 09F4D174-9A6E-47FA-8429-D9ABF7144383.jpeg 7AF081C6-374A-4656-BA95-B5F1D6D9135E.jpeg A5EC0FB3-B0FB-41C5-B13B-CA3C0E7A36E7.jpeg
    I recently acquired my 30-40 Krag from 1904 in a trade I traded the guy a 1964 Winchester 30-30 that was having lifter problems and he kept the rear peep sight to even it out I was wondering if anyone else found this to be a fair trade. B47F2D73-E369-4B0B-9532-BEDE3FF6277F.jpeg