Lake Fork Texas

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sooner Shooter, May 11, 2008.

  1. Sooner Shooter

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    I'm leaving for a five day fishing trip Tuesday to Lake Fork with eight other guys. I've never been there before but hear it's a great lake. I'm just now starting my retirement and hope this will be a good beginning. Any comments about the lake.
  2. toolman

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    I've never fished it, but I've seen some huge fish that were pulled out of there. Congrats on the retirement and good luck on your trip.

  3. Windwalker

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    Not familiar with the lake but good luck on your trip.
  4. I've heard they have really cleaned up the lake and most of the alligators are gone.


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    I fished there several years ago. Most of what I remember are stumps JUST under the waterline and HUGE bass. My buddy caught one that was over 12 pounds on a spinnerbait. There shouldn't be much traffic on the lake because you're going in the middle of the week.

    The great thing about the number of stumps in the water......VERY few people on jet and water skis.

    Have fun, and GOOD LUCK. There have been a LOT of state records that came from Lake Fork.
  6. Sooner Shooter

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Went out and removed my cover two days ago to check things out because it hasn't been out yet this season and sure enough I've got a rat's nest! I already had rat bait placed in it but it hasn't died yet because it had already made a new nest yesterday. This isn't really poison but a human's blood thinner type bait. When they go to water they die. I had a rat die in it last season and thought I had the problem solved but I didn't. I drilled a hole in a simple mouse trap and tied a string to it and anchoring it hoping I might catch it and it wouldn't be able to drag it away. Today I opened the cover(tarp) again and a stinkin SNAKE was in the boat. The snake (non poisonous) was only about 18'' long and not as big around as a cigar. What are the chances of this snake catching what I think is a pack rat. I'm thinking the pack rat might win the fight. Any thoughts? Nobody's going to want to fish with me!