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Lake Superior

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Our son, my uncle and I hit the open water for Coho salmon, brown trout and lake trout. One good day and one not so good but made the best of it. Caught some of each. Smelt started running as we were leaving. The bite most likely picked up after we were home but that’s fishing!
Saw a nice tug boat in the harbor.
Got home and Deb surprised me with a new refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher.
Heading up north for walleye this weekend. Probably come home to a new house!!🤣

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Rambo: Sir; 🎣🚣‍♀️ Family 😇. What fun 😁
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Wish I could get my hands on some of those smelts. We use to catch them by the bucket but they aren't for sale anywhere around here for the last couple of years. The only ones here are from Peru and just are not good. Grew up in the UP and ate a lot of smelts. !!
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Superior is the most awesome of the Great Lakes, but it's too darn cold to swim in. I'll stick to Lake Huron for that.
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I can not get my head around the great lakes. With the exception of Lake Eyre which is a huge expanse of desert most of the time but rarely gets covered when there's huge floods up stream, I can't think of a body of water on this continent you couldn't see the other side of.
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