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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stopper, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Stopper

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    This anti Lewis Diuguid wrote an editorial in the KC Star last Friday about his dislike of guns. Well it seems he had invited some couple over for dinner, well it came up that the lady had brought a gun over to his house and she was keeping it in her purse. He went BURZURK about how could she do this, what was she afraid of, what kind of a human being would carry a gun, and what if his kids had gotten into her purse and shot themselves.

    I wrote him back asking what he was so afraid of and just what in the world were his kids doing in someone elses purse, and why he thinks my rights are up for discussion and why he wants the 2nd amendment trashed.

    All he could write back was "you have many questions. I know from experiance the problems guns cause."

    What is that? What experiance? Did a gun run up behind him and shoot him? Did a gun make fun of him in grade school? Then WHAT?

    People like this really tork me off, they issue thier comments to thousands and when he is asked for a simple reasoning for his attitude, he brushes me off like I'm some sort of derelict.

    Shouldn't get so mad, it gets me all discombobulated!!!!

    I even ask him how he would feel if a gun was the only standing between him being a citizen or a subject?

    He probably doesn't care, he would be happy suckling off of the goverment cow.
  2. PAPA G

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    the only way to get such low-life to change is when they die, now if we can only get them to stop pro-creating!!!:mad:

  3. Tober

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    Well is he going to protect the woman when she steps outside his door? How about 5 miles away from his house?

    I hate people like that, they never think until it happens to them.
  4. jgang

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    Ok, what would have happened if his underdisciplined offspring would have got into her purse. Was it locked, loaded or been able to shoot at a moments notice? She would have been persecuted to fullest extent of the law and for what? Her stupidity of not recognizing this idiot. People, use some common sense. She was stirring the pot to get this guy to flip, for all we know she was a liberal trying to further the cause. jgang
  5. Rave

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    Life is not perfect,ya just gotta do the best you can with what ya got,and you sure can't please everyone!:nod: :nod: :cool:
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    stopper, do you have an e-mail adress for this person??? let's send him 5,000 emails, all civil, but questioning him and his views.
  7. Stopper

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    He writes editorials for the KC Star. You could probably go to the KC star web site and find some of his articles and e-mail address.