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Discussion in 'SKS' started by Ryals, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Ryals

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    i have a norinco sks and on the last round it always gets hung up any suggestions? i have already taken it apart and cleaned in several times and does not help

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    Using the box mag or aftermarket? If it is an aftermarket, maybe the spring is weak or there is a "flaw" and not letting the last round go up far enough. With the original box mag, I would have to see the inside.

  3. Ryals

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    it is the original box bag

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    Ok. On the FTF, are you able to pull back the bolt carrier and manually load it? I can only think of 3 things: Either the spring isn't pushing the last round up far enough, the last round is catching on something and not going far enough up, or something about the bolt isn't hitting the last round. The LAST one is the LEAST likely. Can anybody else think of something that I may have missed? Maybe something about the box mag that may be a problem? Check the box mag THUROUGHLY for any bends or maybe something that would keep that last round from going up.
  5. Ryals

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    yes just pulling the bolt back and letting it go it will load
  6. Did you ever find anything out? I'm also guessing you don't have another box mag to check it with.
  7. Ryals

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    no have not fixed it yet and i dont have another box mag
  8. chesterwin

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    A few questions,

    Did you buy it new or used?

    Either way, have you pulled the magazine spring?

    If you pulled the mag. spring, is there a chance you put it in backwards?
  9. Ryals

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    i got it used but it worked fine then i did not use it for a year

    only thing i have done to it is clean it never took the mag apart just off the rifle during cleaning
  10. Ryals

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    got back from range yesterday and after about 60 rounds the problem fixed it self no telling what caused it to happen
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