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    From your response and behavior it is apparent that you are a very immature person.
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    The NRA began following the Civil War. Union Army Officers were not pleased with their troops shooting ability.
    The NRA is in need of repair today. It has been saved many times before by caring members. :usa2:
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    I have not completely pulled my membership to the NRA. I figure every voting member on the register helps out. The are generally on our side and their presence has helped me thru the years.

    However I have cut my donation and sent the difference else where. Where I believe it will do some good. I have written them a letter, as to who I am deferring the largest part of my donation to and why.

    No need to get into specifics here as that will do no good to the NRA, and other organizations. When I see a swaying back to a better ran organization, then I will up my donation again, however I will also keep supporting the organization I am now deferring a part of my donation to.
    That all being said If the magazines are bringing money into the organization, so be it......

    However getting back to the original subject of this thread. I wish they would allow a guest column every once and a while, and condense then reprint some of the old articles from years ago. It would make the magazine much more enjoyable to me.
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    I just changed mine to American Hunter, so far not real impressed. But I understand that print magazines are pretty much extinct.
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    I believe the NRA will be doing away wit the Physical mailed magazines. Then giving each member a Digital magazine account. They already have the page started and have the means to do it. The web mag is already somewhat operational. There has been discussions about this.
    It will leave some of the older members out in the cold but will open up a world of new younger members.
    Most other Organizations have stopped or greatly reduced their printing.
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  6. Jim Bridger

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    I had received the Rifleman Mag for 60 years. I signed on to the paperless NRA Mag. It has failed many times. I have not received one Mag in 3 years. Our NRA is to busy collecting Millions of dollars for Old Wayne. I am a Benefactor Member.:usa2:
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  7. ACfixer

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    I am a Benefactor as well Jim, and I too wish Wayne would go. I'm not going to abandon the NRA, but I'd like to see change. He's become like Putin.
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    I get the American Hunter and find it fine, a family oriented gun/hunting magazine. I get several private magazines Guns and Ammo, Predator, Rifleman, Guns, Handguns, Gun Digest and maybe others. Money well spent as I am not very mobile and prefer a paper document I can read anywhere. Before Covid, I left copies in waiting rooms everywhere.

    The "scandal" is over, done, gone. The reason I say that is because the AG of New York has been after the NRA for the same issues as has been in the media, for a year and a half, that is the misdirection of tax exempt money. If, tax exempt money was misused for things like clothing, mansions and the like, that is both a state crime and a federal crime. In fact, she won a lawsuit filed last year in which she gets to see all the inside documents of Ackerman McQueen and denied the NRA the right to even be involved in which of their documents the AG gets. That court order was finished in Feb 2020. If there was evidence of a crime, the New York AG would have been filing charges left and right to shut down the NRA and it's support of Trump. My opinion is when a radical New York AG is after you and they do not file any charges within 6 months, they must not have much of a case.

    Also, the AG of Wash DC also opened an investigation into the NRA, last year, all radical anti gun and anti Trump politicians. They have filed zero charges against any single person in the NRA who is a big time Trump supporter.

    So, in my opinion, the fact that they have filed not one single case in either New York or DC at the time the election cycle is most important means they have found no crime, they would not wait, timing is everything. If they want to hurt the NRA as it pushes for Trump they would already have started filing charges a few at a time to get the most media coverage.

    So, my feeling is that while I give money to the SAF and GOA, they do not have a single lobbyist in the states, they do lawsuits and they do them well. NRA is the only one of the group that can get out the vote. So, to me you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. If you support gun rights, the second amendment and the freedom we still have, then you have zero option but to support the NRA and Trump for that matter. Fried or foe, no other option in the short term. IMHO
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    I would think that with all the information we have absorbed about Main Stream Media, we would all know better than to blindly believe all the accusations against - not only the NRA - but any pro-gun rights organizations.

    I would hope that people would recognize that the NRA has been one of, if not the most successful group to preserve our 2nd Amendment freedoms. When Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and other anti-gun lefties publicly curse the NRA for blocking their gun-grabbing schemes - well I dunno, but that's a good thing in my opinion.

    As Ranger 4 brought up, the Left has very vigorously investigated every nook and cranny of the NRA - and came up with nothing. Does anyone not think the NRA, and Wayne LaPierre, would have been stomped into the ground if they had any grounds for prosecution?
    This is NOT unlike the Mueller driven, 3 year Witch Hunt and the lack of any evidence for Russian Collusion, with the deck stacked heavily against Donald Trump.

    Everyone should realize by now - the Left has a new playbook. Accuse and smear and force the opposition to defend themselves. Accusation is as good as a conviction. Scare & shame financial institutions to refuse to conduct business with the NRA to force them into bankruptcy. Gee! Is this not reminiscent of another Obama operation we should all remember? What was that called? Operating Choke Point?
    You know something folks? That actually worked, until it became so blatantly obvious that they were politically forced to discontinue. Openly that is - obviously, it is still happening.
    I believe that is what is happening to the NRA right now. Smeared them so badly that gun owners abandon them. Defund them. Force them out. And when that happens, it won't be long before gun owners cannot own guns anymore.
    (No, they do not want to only take the "assaulty" guns. They want ALL of them, a step at a time)

    Yeah, I get it! The magazines are not what they used to be. Yeah, OK, Wayne LaPierre is accused and investigated (and exonerated) for corruption. And a biggie - they supported banning bumpstocks. (Even Trump took a hit for that; but he seems to be largely forgiven for it.)

    The NRA is a large organization, many members and staff. I am pretty sure that just about every organization or business in existence has made mistakes too. They are not perfect. But again! Politicians like Nancy Pelosi hate them! They can't be doing everything wrong. And like any organization, members can do quite bit to help steer the NRA.
    Maybe a good analogy would be to look at the NRA like the Police Departments of this country. Yeah, some officers have been corrupt or incompetent, but the vast majority are doing a good job. We all know what defunding the police will mean.

    Take a moment and weigh the facts for your selves. The Bloomberg/Soros propaganda machine (MSM) is extremely good at spreading hate & discontent. There is no one that has not been affected by it to some extent. All of us should view MSM information with a critical eye, regardless of the topic. Is the NRA really THAT bad? I don't think so.

    Yes, I am a NRA "Patriot Life Benefactor" voting member (just means I contribute some money when I can spare a little).
    (My choice, my opinion - YMMV.)
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  10. blaster

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    I am a NRA Life Member. the only money I send them any more is to the ILA. that supposedly only goes to fighting legislation. in spite of all the problems listed about the NRA, they still have the most clout with the Congress critters. like said above, all the hate and bad mouthing by the Left prove that they are feared and a thorn in their side. if the Commies in our Gov't hate the NRA, thats a good thing. as far as the magazines, for some reason they quit sending them to me a few years ago. when I tried contacting them to start getting American Hunter again, I never got any replies. but like said above, the mags are mostly advertisements any more so I really don't miss them.
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  11. Rocky7

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  12. Jim Bridger

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    On May 21st 1977 the NRA Cincinnati Revolt occurred. At that time the NRA was drifting from it's duty. Neal Knox was a leader just out of college. I knew Neal at that time.
    The NRA then as now was being destroyed with in. If you are too young to know how we saved the NRA in 1977 please find it on the web. It was the NRA Patriots who made the NRA a 5 Million member Org. Our current leadership is taking too much and doing very little.:usa2:
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  13. Outpost75

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    The chief executive of the National Rifle Association and several top lieutenants engaged in a decades-long pattern of fraud to raid the coffers of the powerful gun rights group for personal gain, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the New York attorney general, draining $64 million from the nonprofit in just three years.

    In her lawsuit, Attorney General Letitia James called for the dissolution of the NRA and the removal of CEO Wayne LaPierre from the leadership post he has held for the past 39 years, saying he and others used the group’s funds to finance a luxury lifestyle.

    She also asked a New York court to force LaPierre and three key deputies to repay NRA members for the ill-gotten funds and inflated salaries that her investigation found they took...

    “The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James, a Democrat, said in a statement.

    Her investigation, which began in February 2019, found a “a culture of self-dealing, mismanagement, and negligent oversight at the NRA that was illegal, oppressive, and fraudulent,” according to a statement by the attorney general’s office...

    “The corruption was so broad and because they have basically destroyed all the assets of the NRA,” she said. “Enough was enough … No one is above the law, not even the NRA...”

    The New York lawsuit against the NRA paints a picture of widespread wrongdoing at the influential gun rights group, and a freewheeling atmosphere in which top officials repeatedly took advantage of their positions for their personal benefit...

    ...LaPierre recently arranged a post-employment contract for himself with the NRA worth $17 million. He never sought board approval for the deal, the suit claims... LaPierre failed to report large sums of personal income to the IRS... the NRA chief funneled personal expenses through an outside public relations firm, allowing him to avoid reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal income...

    The Washington Post and other news organizations subsequently revealed how the NRA directed funds to board members and how LaPierre racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in charges at a Beverly Hills clothing boutique and on foreign travel...

    The suit expands on previous allegations that LaPierre improperly charged the NRA for private jet travel and luxury vacations that had no clear business purpose. The filing claims LaPierre billed the NRA more than $500,000 for private charter flights he and his family took to visit the Bahamas eight times over three years. Last year, a spokesman for LaPierre told The Post his visits to the Bahamas were for NRA business. But the New York attorney general’s investigation found the trips were private vacations.

    In four years, LaPierre was reimbursed by the NRA for $1.2 million in expenses that were personal trip, golf fees and gifts, the suit claims...

    LaPierre also spent $3.6 million of NRA money for private travel consultants to arrange private jets and executive car service for his and his family’s use over just two years, the suit says. And he set aside several millions each year for private security for him and his family.

    LaPierre also enjoyed the largesse of NRA vendors who hoped to keep their organization’s business, the suit said. One vendor gave LaPierre and his wife an all-expense paid trip to Africa for a safari adventure; another frequently loaned LaPierre and his family the use of his 107-foot yacht on his visits to the Caribbean...

    LaPierre’s former chief of staff, had his salary increased from $250,000 to $800,000 in just three years as a reward for his loyalty to LaPierre, the suit states, and allegedly pocketed an additional $100,000 he was not entitled to as a housing allowance. In addition, Powell also arranged for his wife and father to earn money through NRA contracts...

    Under this agreement, the suit alleges, LaPierre and his inner circle of trusted deputies rerouted millions of dollars in lavish personal expenses for themselves, their families and allies through Ackerman McQueen. The goal was to avoid having the board or other members of the NRA know that the charitable organization was paying so much money for LaPierre’s membership fees at golf clubs, private jets and designer suits, the lawsuit said...

    The attorney general’s office said it found that Ackerman McQueen billed the NRA $70 million in just 2017 and 2018 for its public relations work, including “out-of-pocket” expenses...
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    The problem is that they ARE the biggest dog in the hunt, and no longer give a crap about the hunt itself. They are that fat, old, hound that trees a squirrel early in the day and then wants to nap the rest of the day.

    Groups like GOA are like those plot hound/coon dog/terrior mixes that are small, but they are scrappy and will tree or corner anything that moves if given a chance.

    The scrappy groups aren't big enough to take on the bigger game animals, and the big group is too old and complacent to even try.
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  15. mitchr

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    While I don't trust the motives for this lawsuit, especially since it is new york, "IF" their accusations are true, then it is time for something to be done, although dissolving it is going too far, IMO. We all know that dissolving it is strictly a political move to get the NRA out of their hair! I am also concerned about the government having the ability to get into dictating how a business operates. IMO, that should be up to the members of the business.
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  16. Sav .250

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    "New York Attorney General seeks to dissolve NRA." Also noted by Outpost 75.

    This is a serious attack upon the NRA. Attorney General Letitia James lawsuit
    certainly is loaded with misspending and self-dealing allegations by the NRA.
    Is it possible that it (The NRA) will suffer it`s demise due to some with in the
    organization, while doing a long and rightful service to the "cause" , also
    reportedly gave/took more than necessary funds to satisfy their efforts.
    Now, I guess we wait for the other shoe to drop...........
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  17. Jaison

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    Yet, the Clinton Foundation skates.
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  18. Jim Bridger

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    NRA Members have ignored the thefts of our funds. We tried to remove La Pierre many times. Wayne gave Prez Trump 33 Million dollars. It was the single largest contribution made to the Prez. Prez Trump then signed the Executive Order allowing banning of gun parts. Prez said, yes they gave me millions but I do not fear the NRA? La Pierre fired every one who his paranoia did not like. He ask the NRA to build him a mansion in Texas on a private golf course? The NRA is being robbed blind. Wayne has never asked to buy a shooting range. Now our enemies in New York are at our Castle Gate :(
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  19. Jim Bridger

    Jim Bridger G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    The NRA will not die from one thousand paper cuts. But it will lie in the shade and lick it's wounds. In the mean time our NRA will become weak. LBJ Texas Democrat tried to destroy the NRA. He and Clinton lost in the end game. This is what the Left/Dems are working at. Prez Trump received 33 Million dollars and 5 Million NRA families support last election. The Dems/Left wants to punish the NRA.
    The New York Left will hurt the NRA for years to come.
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  20. Jim Bridger

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    True and interesting. The American Civil War raged on for the 5 Aprils. Back in the day it was referred to as the "War of Five Aprils".
    It became a very unpopular conflict by 1863. The American Press attacked Prez Abe Lincoln without mercy. Abe used his war powers to close down news papers and imprison editors and reporters he did not like. What!! :eek:
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