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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, May 13, 2008.

  1. tommy

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    check out this jacket i found in the dump. it's in perfect condition and my size.:)

  2. HI tommy how have you been ? The jacket has loops to hook over buttons doesn't it ?
    Is that a womans jacket, I can't tell.
    Pictures are good.

  3. TexasT

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    AH wants you to think it's a women's jacket so you can send it to him and he can wear it.
  4. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i don't know if it's a ladys jacket or not i sure hope it ain't a ladys jacket. all i know is it's a millitary issue and it says "extreme cold weather" "imermable"

    yea i know he wants it. so "tex" hows that daz comin?lets see some pictures . i know you been playing with the program .is there any thing you need you just email me . me or the old lady will help you out with it.

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  5. A.H is a 54 in the chest so it wouldn't fit me, maybe it will you Texas T.
  6. Nice, Tommy. My older brother used to live in Santa Monica, CA, and he was amazed what he found in people's trash. He found a very expensive suede jacket one time with the tags still on it; a cat or small dog had piddled on one of the sleeves. he had it dry cleaned, and the spot totally disappeared.
  7. Midas

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    One man's trash, is another man's treasure
  8. Which side are the buttons on. Mens coats buttons are on the right,womens on the left. From the picture, it looks like they are on the right? Please confirm. lol Oh and it looks to be in great shape. And Midas got it right, one man's trash, another man's treasure. lol
  9. Tommy, this was the coolest thing I read today, easily..

    check out this jacket i found in the dump. it's in perfect condition and my size

    What a legend :p
  10. Big Dog

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    A friend and co-worker here is a dumpster diver. He finds all kinds of interesting stuff. Once he found a very nice green nylon shoulder bag filled with .22LR, .38S&W and .410 shotshell ammo! He's not a gun guy, so he brought it to me. The bag is better than the usual 'WalMart' quality, and the ammo shot fine.
    I figure some poor bloke's girlfriend/wife made him throw it out.

    Kim says he figure's the economy is looking up a bit - from the "Dumpster Diving Index" - if people are throwing away perfectly good stuff, things can't be too awefully bad. :)
  11. Seabeescotty

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    Dumpster divin' in Ok. ain't a good idea, 'specially out in the country. You never know what you'll put a hand in, and it usually isn't pleasant. The smell alone deters me from climbing into those bins. I make sure all papers with personal info goes in the burn barrel, and try to keep my good stuff outa CGO's hands, or I'd have to do some diving to get my own stuff back! Been pretty lucky, so far. She threatened to throw my favorite jacket out, so I moved it to the shop, and change into it there. It's a bit threadbare, but very comfy, and I really love the old look, and aroma. It's my best tractor jacket, and has lotsa miles left on it. I'll keep it til it falls apart, and then she can dispose as she sees fit!
  12. BunnyWabbit

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    My father-in-law is the boss at the landfill in Desha County in Arkansas. He calls it the DumpMart. He gets me all kinds of cool stuff. Can you believe two different people threw away two cement Razorback yard art pigs. They weigh at least 100 pounds each and he was kind enough to haul them 10 hours to my house and put them in my yard ... that would be my KU Jayhawk yard. So I sent him a National Championship t-shirt. But I have gotten some cool stuff from him. It's better than a garage sale and it's free.
  13. toolman

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    I've got a Black & Decker Skilsaw and a droplight that I found in a dumpster at a carwash that works great. I wouldn't climb into one though-especially knowing some of the stuff I've been known to throw into them.
  14. Oxford

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    The waste disposal driver driving the route in front of my house sets some of those special trash items inside the cab of his truck. Bet his storage bin at home is filled with former sale items someone just couldn't resist to buy.
  15. Big Tool

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    Me and my fiancee were driving around my sisters subdivision the other day and found two flower pots the neighbors were throwing out. They would eaisly cost 20.00 a piece from lowes, and nothing is wrong with them at all.

    Also saw a bbq grill, and a bar stool, but i just didn't have the room for the extra junk.

    Nice find.
  16. Grumpus

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    Ain't nothin' wrong about dumpster diving. I keep a golf club handle with a sharp screwed-in hardware store hook in my trunk. If I spot something handy that I can use, out comes the hook. Got a spankin'-new leather doctor's bag I carry tools in, and handed out some good dumpster stuff to my kids after they married. Now, if I ever run across a Mauser or Mosin in there, I'll be dumpster-divin' forever...
  17. SwedeSteve

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