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  1. Okay, so what I`m doing now is, I go the range to do a compulsory comp.

    I do what most people do: buy 50 rounds, spray 20 all over a rifle target, then do the 30 thats generally required for the competition.

    I`m finding you can shoot too much ( crazy eh.. ) in one sitting, meaning my accuracy such that is goes off, gun gets hot, I go cold whatever.

    But, I`ll buy another 50 for my revolver to just play with, and usually a box or 2 of 9mm to put through my 1911 clone.

    NOW! Here`s whats interesting: On the attached image of a target, there`s a lil box for details. After I cover the centre with holes, I find it difficult to see where I`ve shot at 10 metres or more.

    So... I`ll have a crack at the lil box.. Check out that group, shot free standing with out a rest at 10 metres. Funny thing is, I can do that near ever time.

    It`s wierd..

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    what did you shoot that with

  3. 6 inch barrel Stainless GP100 with Federal American Eagle 38SPL. 357 magnum is very hard to obtain here lately.

    Glen the range guy has been badgering the Winchester rep to no avail. He says its due to some war some place, but I wonder that they`d be using 357 mag in Iraq.

    I`d make my own dang 357`s if I had time.

    Last trip to the range I used some Win Cowboy stuff, holy crack do they make them with coal dust? Man what a mess...

    The Eagles were not a lot cleaner either. WinCLean FTW..