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Why is it that the LDA 12.45 is probably the least desired of Para Ordnance pistols. I have one that I am trying to sell or trade, not that it isn't a good pistol, I just want to get another rifle and need some cash. But, no one seems to be interested in buying or trading. What's the deal?
I realize this is an older post, but since Para Ord
is now out of biz, one important thing that
most folks were keeping close to the vest, is
that SARCO has LDA frame kits for $125-150,
and the slide for another $119-159, which they were combining as Frame/Slide kits for $200.
All you needed to add was barrel, recoil spring,
& bushing to make it a working pistol.

They still have a few frames, and many slides,
but sold separately now as listed above.
Making Para-Ord's inepensive as heck.
So they were probably offering $250 for a
nice used pistol, as they could build a NEW
one for only $300 secret,
as they say. It also bottomed out the prices
for Para-Ord's across the board. Only the dumb
would pay full price for a Para-Ord when you
could build your own on the cheap.

So there ya are. Why NOBODY wants to pay
even half of what YOU paid for your Para-Ord
pistols now. On the upside, grab a few frames
& slides, build twenty or so double-stacks, and
just wait for the next Liberal Democrat to get
in office...they'll be worth a MINT!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there
it is, cold, hard & ugly, like Hillary Clinton!! :D
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