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  1. I just ordered one from MidwayUSA for 7.62x54R. I don't have a reloading press yet and I just bought a 4wheeler so money is a little tight. I just wanted something to make some hunting loads with good quality bullets. The Silver Bear ammo that I used last year for deer hunting left a 50 cent piece size exit hole, so I'm assuming it fragmented lead all over the meat. Will the Lee Classic Loader do what I want it to? Any input would be appreciated...thanks.
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    The lee leade makes fine cartridges, just doesn't do them fast. It should be fine if you are just making a few rounds at a time. But do wear safety glasses when you start inserting the new primers. Plus unless you use a scale you are stuck with the powders you can use the dipper with. But soft point bullets can be gotten for hunting rounds.

  3. I bought some Prvi Partizan 150gr SP's for the brass. I'm thinking that I will use Hornady Interlock 150gr SP's for my bullet. I'm not sure what powder I will use yet because I haven't seen the load data for it yet. Also do you have an idea about how many grains of powder will be in 1 dip?
  4. Good choice with the PRVI, they will be a heck of alot easier to seat the primers.

    You have a few choices depending on powder. The classic came with a 2.5cc dipper with IMR4895 is 34.3 gr of powder, 150gr jacketed OAL 2.927 should be about 2190 fps.

    You can buy a dipper set, and use the 3.4cc for 47gr of Varget OAL 2.875 for 2721 fps or

    3.1cc dipper for 46 gr of H4895 OAL 2.875 2769 fps

    All numbers pulled from the Richard Lee Modern Reloading 2nd ed.

    If you can slug your bore and use 303 cal (.311) bullets you may be in better shape as 30 cal (.308) tend to fall into the cases. I just made one to make sure and yup fell right in.
  5. That 2.5cc dipper makes for a weak load..I might have to invest in some other dippers or a powder scale. The Hornady Interlocks I plan on using are .312.
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    Wish I could help,but am completely unfamiliar with this "dipper" system.Someplace I have one of those little Lee ballance beam scales I would send you if I knew how and where.I'll see if I can find it and then you could send an address.Let me see what I can find.A scale is the only way I would know to go up on power/pressure.I have all kinds of things I have taken in on trade that I will never use if I could just find them.We're all on your side.Maybe something will happen to help you. ,,,sam.
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    eat your spinach! Popeye will be jealous when you are done!
  9. I've looked at that before but since I'm not really doing any high volume reloading I thought that maybe this classic loader would get me by. I also don't have any die's yet.
  10. Thanks for the offer. I'm going to try to find one of these 3.1cc dippers first because then all I would have to do is take one dip of powder rather than measuring out each load.
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    Whoa! What happened up there? I tried to post a link to a youtube video of a guy reloading ammo with a Lee Loader.

    Sorry, I'll try again.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeEl9wZyabc"]YouTube- Reloading with a Lee Loader[/ame]
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  12. Wow that's pretty fast. In the description of that video it says that is Richard Lee himself!
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    I bought one of these in .30-06 and love it. I've got a set of RCBS dies in .30-06 that I've had for years. I just wanted to try some of these out. On a low volume type loading they are great.
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    Just get the whole dipper set, with dippers from .3 to 4.3 CC. It's only like 13 bucks. Part # 90100.
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    i bought a lee brech lok kit in January for like 110.00 and it had everything you need to start but the books,brass,bullets,powder, and its nice slow but nice
  16. You still need a scale. Most of the time they don't throw what's written on the chart.
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    Like almost next to never. And it seems like if one actually does, it's on the low end of the range. :drive:
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    I have the Lee Classic, 4 turret press also. I have the Lee dipper set and the Lee balance scale & have tried them all. The BEST way to go is, pay a little more & get something like The Frankford Arsenal digital scale. On sale, at MidwayUSA, I paid $20. I tried the dipper, using HP38, Trail Boss, W296 and a couple other powders. For something with a large capacity, for powder, the scale may work okay, but for a small amount of powder (44 Magnum- 6 gr Trail Boss) I found the dipper will give you about .5grain, more or less. Again, for a large capacity rifle bullet, start with a few bullets, reduced load & work your way up until you get the accruacy you need. Always watch for excess pressure signs! ...been there, done that... blew out a few primers too...be safe, BE CAREFUL!
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    i have 2 of the lee classics, one for mt .308 winchester and another for my 45 ACP and i love them for rifle, because when i shoot rifle i dont go and burn 100 rounds in an evening, so i can load 100 rounds in a evening and then be good, for the 45 its a pain because of the amount of ammo i shoot with it but its good up here in college
  20. One other advantage of a Lee Loader that people forget. What if you are in circumstances where you cannot bolt a reloading press to a table?

    I was a student living in small apartments with no opportunity to bolt down a press anywhere. I used Lee Loaders at that time with great success.

    I did buy an "el cheapo" scale -- at that time it was Herter's, but they are no longer in business. Today I would guess that Lee makes about the cheapest accurate scale.

    The scoops work, but you may come up a little light on the charge.