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    Just picked up my first British rifle a SMLE No.4 Mk.1 . Receiver is stamped No.4 Mk.1 * Long Branch 1944. Rifle is in good shape with some normal wear and tear but is one of the better ones I've seen, with a nice bore. And the price was right and it talked to me so I picked it up.
    Like I said this is my first true British rifle, I have a Eddystone M1917 but that is U.S. issue in 30/06.
    All my collecting is in American military weapons from WWI with most in WWII so this is where most of my expeariance lies.
    So my questions are is this rifle a U.S. manufactured for the British? Who was the manufacturer? Nothing comes up in my searches under Long Branch other than city info. I have all the stats and specs on the weapon and some history in my personal collection of books on weapons. But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    My dear good fellow, Long Branch is located just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They manufactured the no4mk1 from June 1941 until the mid '50's. They also made the no4mk1(T), the no7 and BREN guns. After the no4mk1 they manufactured the C1A1 (Canadian version of hte L1A1). The Long Branch no4mk1's are reputed to be the best no4's in the world. The story goes the the (T) models were just production rifles with scopes added. All Long Branch rifles have an "L" in their serial number. Happy shooting.

  3. Doc, I personally don't own a Brit, yet, but from what I have researched and heard others say.....including reputable dealers.....the LB is a Cadillac amongst the Enfields.

    Good luck with it and keep us posted on how she shoots......I have a interest in this too.

    BTW I 'member when Long Branch was the place ol' Matt shot many a gunster but never put a hole in the wall....where Chester would run in yelling, "Marshs Dillon...Marhsa Dillon"......where Matt sent Festas to find Doc playing poker or swigling booze before the operation.....where Kitty woulda liked Matt to climb the stairs with her.......but, that's another story. Ah, the good old days.

    That was the Long Branch, wasn't it?
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    Thanks for the info Don greatly appreciated. Its nice to know that I got a winner and not a run of the mill Enfeild. Its good to listen when a weapon talks to you, I,ve handled many a Enfeild and always put them down but like I said this one talked to me...
    Dale I'll let you know the range results when they are in.
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    I have a 1943 Long Branch with a mint five groove bore. I had it Bisley bedded and use it as a shooter because it has an India screw through the forend... which limits the collectability. I also replaced the MK3 stamped ladder sight with a MK1 micrometer-screw milled sight. Off-the -hook accuracy for iron battle sights- 1 1/2 MOA. By far my favorite rifle to shoot!