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    I remember my father having a "Lee Loader" when I was a kid. I just found out that they are still sold and I was wondering if they are difficult to use. I only want to put a few rounds of ammo together at a time so I can't justify a lot of money for reloading equipment.

    Eric Rogers
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    The LEE LOADERs are really easy to use. I would suggest you get a powder scale and a lube pad though. Oh yea, you'll need a plastic hammer also.
    I do quite a bit of re-loading for a number of calibers, if I can ever help you, let me know. Have a good one, ****.

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    thank you, that was quite a rapid response
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    I have a Lee Loader in .22 Hornet. As **** stated, they are very easy to use. The insturtions state that no lube is nesicarry, but use it anyway, I ruined half a dozen cases trying to size them dry. I really like it's compact size and the ability to take it to the range with me. You'd be wise to spend the extra $10.00 for a case length guage and trimmer and a chamfer/deburring tool. Also, the Lee website has the complete list of available calibers, I've noticed that most mail order catalogs only list a few calibers. Check em out at


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    the early lee loaders are nice, and easily to use but they only neck size so you will have to use shells fire from the same rifle, pistol take the advice of other post,the new version has been cheapin some what such as plastic power measure, but the overall quality is the same
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    Lee original hand reloaders can be purchaced from Midway USA.
    About 21 cals. availible.
  7. I got started with a Lee loader (simple verson) in 1971 for .270 win and liked it. I picked up a .222 Rem Lee Loader deluxe in a swap and it works well. I bought a recent Lee for .357 mag/.38 spl and still use it occasionally. It is slow compared to a press and my wife & dogs object to the heavy pounding, so I don't use them a lot. I have reloaded a lot of stuff over the years though. Good way to start reloading for not much money.
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    I love Lee Loaders. I collect them, use them, endorse them, write poetry about them...

    Here is what I consider to be essential if you wish to use a Lee Loader.
    Safety glasses
    A rubber mallet. Go to a dollar store and get 3 of them.
    A thick piece of oak plank
    A Lee Auto Prime.. I find it easier to prime this way.. you can sit there and prime all the brass at one time.
    A case holding tray. You can make one yourself with a router or a drill. Keeps everything organized.
    A good powder scale. Buy one used off of one of the auction sites and save yourself a few dollars. Or buy a new one. I use an Ohaus M-5.
    A primer pocket cleaning tool. Double sided. Large one side, small other.
    A case neck chamfer/deburring tool. ESSENTIAL.
    A case trimmer.. and a lube pad are good ideas.
    A used rock polishing kit. These are cheap, get one on ebay or somewhere. Again, I'm just throwing ideas out there for economy. Sure, you can buy tumblers.. you'd never believe what I use.. a portable dishwasher that I ONLY use for cleaning cases and other firearms related stuff. I don't want to risk lead poisoning! Got it at a thrift shop. It even dries the cases really nicely.
    I find that having a few small funnels is good, too. Especially when I'm not using spherical powders. You will find that some powders work better than others (I'm not talking about performance/accuracy of the round) and that some types of powder will actually not pour well.
    Keep a loading journal with follow up range reports on accuracy and how the ammo performed.
    I know a guy who used a Lee Loader in 44 Mag. He'd sit on the carpetted floor of his apartment, drinking a beer watching baseball. A great way to blow yourself up, or burn down the building.
    A: Carpets can store static electric charges. This guy would pour a large amount of powder into a salad bowl. I CRINGE when I think about it!
    B: Music, television, people talking.. are distractions. You NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Sit in a quiet room free of distractions. I find that giving the wife the credit card usually has this desired effect.
    C: Alcohol can affect your judgement. Save it for later when you come back from the range having the satisfaction and the empowerment of being a "do it yourselfer".

    I love Lee Loaders. If you use one, give yourself a pat on the back for me. Remember to wear safety glasses. Safety is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    Be safe, and most of all, have fun. Wow, I really run off at the mouth when someone mentions a Lee Loader.

    Did I mention that I really like them??
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    Good advice . Biggest problem is they are slow . :-(

    God Bless
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    Extra Lee Loaders

    I am an old timer selling off a lifetime stash of stuff and I just found 3 20 ga shotgun loaders and a 30-06 loader new in the box from the 60's with very dusty outside boxes
    respond to [email protected]
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