Lee Modern Minie, Target and REAL Bullet ??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 21, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    I keep looking at the price of bullets and scratching my head....I keep reading about casting your own and it sounds easy enough....The uestion is has anyone one tried the Lee Modern Minie, Target and REAL Bullets? Are they any good? Is casting your own worth the effort?

    Thanks all.
  2. BenP

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    Over time, the casting process can be a cost savings. It depends on how much ov a scrounge you are. I've seen BP shooters out at the range shoveling dirt into sieves to get the lead out. It is also a little hazardous, so you need to be the kind of individual that is careful when he works. It can be a fun addition to the overall muzzleloading (or other shooting for that matter) experience.

    Minies are good, proven bullets. I think Maxies can outdo them just a tad. Of course the more exotic new designs like the nylon tipped sabot 300 grainers ought to outperform traditional bullet forms for muzzleloaders. Then again, round lead balls are still a great thing. Besides, they work better in my wrist rocket, too.

  3. blackhawk44

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    Your choice of molds will depend a great deal on the size of your bore and rate of twist in your barrel. Slow twist=round ball or REAL (which work great). Moderate twist=tricky to find the right projectile. Fast twist=mini's, bullets and sabots.
  4. Shaun

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    DL what are the details about your rifle -- I have shot minnie's out of my 45 carbine and they do work great - of course round balls out of the 54 are even more fun.

    Getting the lead can be a process from finding wheel weights at a tire shop -- bargain to leave a bucket there 5gal's is worth 20 bucks. I found a guy who has lead from xray shields and its the softest lead yet - can't wait to see how those cast up and shoot in the ole muzzle blaster.
  5. I would think about that before using that lead Shaun, I have no idea if it is radioactive, but isn't possible that the lead shields are radioactive (at least low level).
  6. Shaun

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    All he had was the lead no sign of the soft materials -- the lead is cooked down into ingots outdoors at high temp so I would think any contamination would be muted. when I say soft lead its so soft it can be cut with a fingernail.