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    I am not left handed. However, me and my grandma were talking and wondered, did they make MN's for left handed shooters? Or did you just have to deal with it? If they did, I'd like to have a left handed Mosin. That would be neat to own.
  2. nope.
    i was allways thinking it would be easier to shoot a bolt action if i was left handed. as it is now, i reach over the top of the rifle with my left hand and operate the bolt while keeping my right hand in place for the next shot. seems i should be using the left hand on the trigger to make it all simpler.

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    nope. since righty's make up the majority of a population rifle production is for the majority of soldiers. i would assume Red Army Pvt Sumnavitch was ordered to learn right handed or get shot.
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    "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous".:jester:
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    Pvt Sumnavitch?
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    Actually I remember my mother talking about how they used to make left handers convert to being right handed in this country when she was a little girl. Back,Back,Back in the day if you were left handed there were sometimes considered heritics. I wouldn't be suprised if they felt the same way in Russia back then also.I found this on a website........ Christianity is strongly based towards the right hand. It is the right had that gives the blessing and make the sign of the cross. On one count, the bible contains over 100 favourable reference to the right-hand and 25 unfavourable references to the left-hand. E.g.: The right hand of the lord doeth valiantly, the right hand of the lord is exalted (Psalm 118 vv15,16) The left hand does worst in the parable of the sheep and goats. The sheep are set on Christ's right hand and the goats on the left. Those on the right inherit the kingdom of god while those on the left depart into everlasting fire. The devil is nearly always portrayed as left-handed and evil spirits lurk over the left shoulder (which is why you throw spilled salt over your left shoulder to ward them off). .......Im left handed so apparently Im evil lol
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    on the cover of enemy at the gates his MN is left handed, not sure if anyone noticed that
  8. well it's easier for a lefty to adapt to a right handed gun that the other way around. We lefty's always have to adapt to a right handed world. Door knobs, pianos, can openers, cork screws the list goes on and on.

    I suspect the Russians put all the lefty's on the front lines as they were handing out the rifles and then righty behind and gave him all the ammo, telling him when he gets shot use his rifle, here is your ammo.

    I've just learned to live with hot shells ejecting across my face, heck I actually taught myself to be semi ambidextrous. Not having the money when I was a kid to buy a left handed electric guitar I leaned to play right handed. So as a result I bat right handed in baseball but catch left, bowl left handed, played Tennis on the tennis team right handed but would drive my poor coach nuts when I would switch hands instead of using a backhand for a ball that was out of reach. I write left handed and shoot right handed.. So go figure..

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    yeah, many many posts about that error. maybe the guy who did the cover art was a lefty:rolleyes:
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    I've heard that before link. Never seen the cover. I'm sure they did that to make the cover look better or something.

    And that makes sense synth. I tried holding my MN lefty earlier and it was pretty uncomfortable. Operating the bolt was easy left, but holding it level was akward.
  11. lol! there's the proof then. no way could hollywood get it wrong!
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    you would just wind up a lefty LOL
  13. i think you just made jimi hendrix roll over!
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    The problem with being ambidex person is it is very confusing! Try being ambidextrous and drawing a pistol. OK, either hand is fine....but ya gotta choose one or the other to draw from. Now, which one? Two pistols? Ya, nice.

    Now, try being ambidextrous and trying to tell your right from your left in a hurry. It ain't easy!!!
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    Yah that case is definetly inaccurate. Its a mirror image. Cause in the Movie Which I actually watched this weekend(my little bro had never seen it and it was on showtime or HBO i forget which) Jude Law shoots righty and his gun is righty.
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    I've found that shooting left handed with a sling isn't really that big of a deal. I keep my right arm locked in the sling, hand on the stock and reach across for the bolt with my left (trigger) hand. Having a straight bolt makes it easier to operate.
  17. As far as I know, there isn't any left handed military rifles. Since the majority is right handed, it is just cheaper to make all of the guns right handed.
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    The Latin word for the left-handedness is almost exactly "sinister" and right-handedness is "dexter". Amusingly enough, "Ambidextrous" actually means "right-handed on both sides". A lot of the reason for the "sinister" (bad, evil) stigma of left-handedness allegedly comes from the Catholic church trying to steer people away from the Pagan religions. Lefthandedness (and the left side in general) in art, sculpture and popular myth of the time was often associated with femininity and the Pagan religions often exalted female deities in higher positions of power than male deities. Since Jesus was the central figure of Catholic mythology, the church wanted to lay the smack down on the female-centric religions and reinforce the male-centric viewpoint by loading up the bible with right-centric references. It's all very silly to think that such subtle imagery would actually effect anyone conciously, I know, but you're dealing with dark-ages "psychology" here.

  19. kinda just made it up to suit their own purposes as they went along, huh?