Legal ownership of hand grenades?

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  1. Not sure where to put this, so it's in the Powder Keg.

    I'm wanting to buy an Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine and replace the barrel band with one with a bayonet lug. Then, i would like to buy an M8 grenade launcher for it as well. If legally possible and not outrageously expensive, I would like to get some operable MK2 hand grenades for it and some .30 Carbine blanks to go with them.

    Would the grenades be legal, and if so what kind of legal hoops would I have to jump through? What kind of licensing/taxes/registration/paperwork would need to be done? I live in NV, if the state makes a difference.

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    Anything is legal if you have the money. You'd have to become certified to purchase/own explosives, and maintain a license. The kind of thing that companies who put on firework shows have to go through. And, you'd probably have to get a Class III firearm license, as well as pay for a Class 3 tax stamp for each modified weapon.

    It would be a costly venture.

  3. Yeah, you're not kidding. *cynical expression on face*

    I thought a Class III was just to sell? But what do I know.

    How could I become certified? I'm sure it would be pricey, but I might actually do it if it isn't completely crazy.
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    Joe, you need to check the National Firearms Act concerning live hand grenades. I believe (I can't find my copy of the BATFE national and state regulations since Her Imperial Majesty "tidied up" my desk while I was in the hospital) that they are considered explosive devices and aren't legal for private citizens to own even with a Class III license and an explosives license. Try the BATFE website to start.
  5. I found this.

    Basically, a license to possess explosive materials (including Composition B) would be $200 for three years if you meet all requirements. Of course, then there's taxes and what not. Don't see anything on actual hand grenades; I'll check some other forms.
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    carefully read through the 1000 pages, also whats your states position on them.
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    I think they consider explosives like C4 or comp B one thing but and "explosive device" like a grenade or home made pipe bomb is classified as said earlier as an "explosive device" So while you can legally posses thinks like TNT or C4 with a licence I do not think this includes grenades land mines ect. I imaging there are some situations where explosives are required to do certian work like building demolition. I do not know of any jobs besides being a soilder that would require the use of a grenade to get something done.

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  8. Holy crap, has anyone else noticed that lawmakers are incapable of writing a single definitive sentence? Geez.

    Just glanced at this:, and I must say it has had its desired effect (in my opinion). I think I'll leave this whole thing alone and maybe content myself with inert MK2s to chunk around. :sigh: *sigh*

    Zombie re-killer?
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    they are written by lawyers so they can manipulate them the way they see fit. If they were definitive then they couldn't do the back door things they do. And I will have to agree grenades are considered an explosive device and most likely would not be legal.
  10. I agree with the first part, but I think that you would just need a crapload of permits and licensing to own an "explosive device" from what I've taken from all the legal jibberish.

    Again, I think when I get the M8, I'll just get some inert MK2s. As cool as it would be to legally own and use live ones out in the Gulch, it's a more complex process than I would have the patience for. I would likely rip my hair out.
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    A lot of people say the same thing about guns.
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    the key is GROUND explosive device, federal type illigal. where would you buy an old pinapple grenade , cabelas?
  13. You can purchase grenades for a launcher. A launcher anyone can own. The grenades for them are $200. each for a tax stamp. Plus the cost of the grenade. Once you explode them you have to send the pieces back to BATF to prove the device no longer exisits. That is $200 for EACH grenade you purchase. There are grenades you can legally purchase with no tax stamp. I will see if I can find that info. I have it somewhere.
    You can only own dummy handgrenades.
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    I would say fishing. :chairfall:
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    Be careful. The BATF came through a gun show here and confiscated several inert Claymores as I was preparing to buy one. I don't know if they thought they were real or if the vendor ever got them back.
  16. Well, I found out that the M8 accepts grenade cartridges (not sure of the actual designation), so if the Capt'n is right, I might go down that road. I'll look onto it some more whenever I have some time to kill. I'll be on a hunting trip from tomorrow morning to about 3 or 4 days from now, so it won't be too soon.
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    Hey I have a couple of spare pinapples if you need one. Do you think the USPS would allow me to ship them?:chairshot:

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    I know someone who was charged for having an inert grenade attached to a sing that said "complaind dept, take a number" the number was tied to the pin. it was thrown out in court but it still cost $