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    The drug war is a war on individual rights. The drug war is a trojan horse that will be the end of the 2nd and 4th amendments as we enjoyed their protections in the past. Precedents are being set. I hear people complaining about drug dealers getting off on technicalities....The fourth amendment is not a technicality.

    Legalize all drugs. I'm sick of all the tax money spent in vain to stop drugs when you can still find drugs in any city or town...what a waste of money... I know interdiction is a large part of why tax budgets are increased and more people are hired to stop less than ten percent of drugs at an expense of billions of dollars annually...We are fast becoming a police state in this futile and stupid waste of tax dollars.

    If someone wants to use drugs and later wants to have the availability of some social program to rescue them from the consequences of their poor decision making choice... I say too bad sad. Get a job.

    They knew what drugs were when they decided to abuse them.

    Drugs could and should be regulated like alcohol. Prohibition didn’t work.

    I say drugs are like guns...they are inanimate objects that do nothing if left alone :eek: :fuss: :nod: but if the wrong person comes along they can be abused :mad:

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    <---- I used drugs and I turned out just fine...nyuk, nyuk,nyuk

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    Yeah,then you'll have all these unemployed DEA agents hanging around on street corners,drinking and hassling passers-by for spare change,and getting rowdy 'cause they haven't busted anyone lately. Then we have a new class of criminals. Where does it end?
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    they could get real jobs or go to Customs, Border Patrol, INS
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    I may get banned from another bulletin board for bringing up this same topic...I have had 32 replys in 9 hours...they aren't too happy with me
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    I don't drink or do drugs.

    If Uncle Sam knew how much taxes he would gain by SELLING drugs.

    Maybe we could feed our poor.
  7. I am new to this site -- did i miss something.-- Logansdad you seem like a nice guy--why would they ban you? Oh those 800 posts--it's nothing I am using somebody else's name. Please don't sue me -- I'm broke.
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    Turns out it is a very devisive stance is less than popular

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    Hey LD I had a post about this sometime back and got a few negative responses, and it even got a little heated but no one was ever banned.
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    All Laws are

    against individual rights. Every law ever created is against individual rights. The law banning the killing of humans protects human life, but at the same time it restricts your individual right to kill another human. The law that requires that you stop at a stop sign restricts your individual right to drive your car how you want to.
    Regarding drugs being regulated by the gov't: they dont do a good job of regulating alcohol so why should they be trusted to regulate drugs? Kids still drink. Drunk driving kills thousands of people every year. Add drugs to that bad formula and you get worse results. In my experience, most people who want drugs legalized frame reasons based upon their own needs. In this case, I think it is a bad idea to legalize harmful drugs. I know that alcohol is dangerous too, but two wrongs don't make a right.
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    Im all for legalizeing drugs (pot at firest then maybe some other things). I realy dont see much of a difrence between smokeing one and haveing a few drinks. I spent some time as a substance abuse counselor and the crime/drug thing can gernely relates to the diffrent than alcoholics or others that are unable to use substances in moderation. I personaly belive that the people aginst legalizeing drugs are the big time dealers....we can not stop drugs from comeing in..might as well tax them.

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    Hey Lenny that is a good point you made at the end(2 wrongs).

    Your point was well written but you have fallen prey to calling things rights when they are not. IE... driving is a privledge not a right; so referring to stop signs and the right to not stop is not really accurate for your analogy. You are right to state that laws only serve to restrict.
  13. Well if we had stuck with God's law then there wouldn't be a problem. Rights and no restrictions. What kind of moral substance is that?
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    I'm with Doglips,some people have no business doing some things,they can't be responsible. Look at some gun owners,most are responsible,they know where the bullet is going. Then you have some that shoot in the air. Some can have A drink,and some drink till they pass out. Taking a few hits and watching TV? I don't see anything wrong with that. Being high everyday? To me that's abuse.
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    guys im sorry call me a moral idiot, i will never agree to legalize cocaine, ecstacy, heroin,excetra, pot maybe, i have never tried it bieng a severe asthmatic, some of my friends like it but it seems to rob them of initiative, but looks benign
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    you're right about my analogy. but thank you for pointing out another restriction...driving. It is my car, I should be able to do with it what I please. I know we dont have the "right" to drive. But thats because driving is a privilege when it should be a right. All laws are restrictions.
    We can't stop murder, so lets just let it happen! We can't stop rape, so lets just let it happen. Those of you who think we should just let it go should think why these restrictions are in place to begin with. And please no explanations of a conspiracy by "the man".
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    Weed is the ONLY drug that should be legalized and regulated. We waste countless man hours in police departments busting people for "doobies". Those manhours and courts could be used for better and more important things. Weed could be treated just like alcohol, don't toke and drive. The government is missing out on a bonanza of taxes and could probably wipe out the national debt in record time. People are gonna do it anyway so why not? And it is natural and organic, God put it here for some reason. It helps glaucoma and cancer patients and hemp makes very strong rope and clothing. We are wasting a natural resource! :(
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    Thats what I think also NRAJOE - legalize weed and burn the rest. The amount of money wasted is outrageous. But then anything the gummit gets it's hands into becomes extremely expensive to us. Maybe legalizing weed and taxing it might help - but on the other hand, when they see all that money coming in they will probably only want more! Then what?

    It is a big waste of good cops time and our money.
  19. NRAJOE

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    Yes sir, Stopper they probably would, but I think they would know when to stop (I would hope)!