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    I was having trouble with occasional FTFs and I was wondering if it was the Tapco mag I was using. Then I happened to notice something between the original receiver cover and the aftermarket one. For one, the aftermarket is thicker in the back causing the spring to have more tension than it should. Also there seems to be some minor denting in the back leading me to believe that the metal is too soft. Lastly, that the spring actually sits up HIGHER in the aftermarket receiver cover that I am using than in the original. When I used the original receiver cover, my Yugo SKS ran flawlessly. Maybe I could machine fix some things in the aftermarket receiver cover, but the question would be whether or not it would be worth it? Naw. If you HAVE to put a scope on your SKS, just drill tap it to the receiver. I'm not doing that, but that's the recommendation.

    Thanks guys!
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    I never trusted putting a scope mount on the removable dust cover. Seems like it wouldn't hold a zero for crap.


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    With the type I have, it was always solid. It was just that it had occasional FTF's or FTE's. Then it just hit me a few months ago when I would try to take the cover off, the aftermarket one would shoot off. Where the original would not. Things I should have paid attention too a long time ago. Since I'm not able to get out and shoot as much as I would like, it's easy to miss little things like that.
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    I have a receiver cover scope mount that seems pretty secure, but I find I just don't care for scoping the SKS. And since my recent cataract surgeries improved my eyesight, I find the scope unnecessary.
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    I made my own drill-and-tap mount for mine, read too many bad posts on the receiver cover ones, plus I wanted a full-length scope, so just extended the mount I made and milled a 45 degree angle into it to kick the empties away, works perfect.
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    One has to remember that SKS's were NOT designed to have a scope on it. Similar to the M1 Garand in that aspect. Though both are battle carbines and have been scoped by factory and non factory owners.