Let's hear your wildest/favorite Conspiracy

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    I was reading the posts this morning about loaded guns at gun shows and it started getting into the realm of conspiracy theories. So here I have created a spot where we can tell our most favorite or wildest Conspiracy Theory. The only rule is that it is one you have actually heard; real or false proven or unproven. (please do not make anything up)
    Here is the wildest one I have heard:

    McVeigh was a guy the government recruited to blow up the building. The waco revenge scenario was all part of the plan. The reason for this was the government had a large reason to believe that Militant Black Movement was planning on something big. Another race riot like the one in the 70's or something similar to that. The bombing was done in order to draw attention to the number of militia type people and the number of these types of weapons available in the hands of White America.

    Have at it.
  2. Logansdad

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    That's a good one...I still like the "Single Bullet Theory" Arlen Specter & the Warren Commission put forth on JFK's assassination

  3. Pumpkinheaver

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    The second spitter theory from Seinfeld was a pretty good conspiracy theory!!!!

    Just kidding, I have heard a few people around here say they think the Democrats are responsiable for the sniper attacks last month. I guess so they would get more votes, being that most of them are gun grabbers and all.
  4. Benny

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    I heard one about the UN owning land within the U.S. It's not developed but they own it for one reason or another. So I hear... anyone know anything about this one?

  5. Doglips

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    I tend to belive the UN take over of US Troops....leading to a world goverment.
    On SOME DAYS I truley believe that my family, boss, the US Goverment, and all drivers on the road have goten togeher to **** me off....just cant be that much negitive stuff comeing from everyone Pluss that many stupid drivers all being stupid at once without some sort of organized consperacy :)
  6. Big Dog

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    Pumpkinheaver . . .

    I liked that one too - "That was one magic lugey!" :p

    It's amazing how many people still believe the Moon Landings were staged, as a Guvmint Conspiracy. :eek:
  7. FEG

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    Don't get me started on the moon landings!

    I believe that we did, but MAYBE NOT "before this decade is out." That is, we didn't make the first landing when Big Bro told us we did. I'm not saying I believe that, but it certainly has crossed my mind.

    Wildest Conspiracy Theory: The ever-popular "UN black helicopters." Since, the USA bankrolls the UN, that one is pretty wild. (The US government likes to keep a monopoly on holding us in thrall.)
  8. Rock

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    Benny, The UN does own large amounts of land in the U.S. It was given them to help pay our UN dues...Its most all U.S. parks like Yellow stone and others, I have a video on it if you would like to see it let me know...

    My favorite conspiracy is a government that works hard to protect our constitution and bill of rights, and everyone is truly FREE...Oh wate that is a dream... :(
  9. Benny

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    Thanks Rock for clearing that up, I just heard it and was wondering what was going on with it. Thanks!

  10. BattleRifleG3

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    One I heard is that JFK was killed by organized crime who naturally used the tactics of their adversaries, ie federal police acencies, which is where we get the idea it was a government affiliated plot. This was done because of sour relations between Kennedy and organized crime, as the democratic party had been associated with organized crime and Kennedy wanted to be rid of it.

    My own view on JFK leans towards thinking he was in a global organization that was afraid he'd let the cat out of the bag.

    My own theory on MLK is that he would have been viewed as a guy who did a lot of good but had quite a dark side too, and that people in his movement (who may have had their disagreements with him) wanted to "angelify" him (you know, how people become perfect after their death) and brighten themselves by association. Not to accuse, but look at Jesse Jackson - "Yieah, ah knew Reverendoctormartinlutherking, we marched together, look at that picture of us together, now he ain't heah, but ah still am, and you can help black Americans by donatin money to mah Rainbow Coalition..." Which basically uses the civil rights movement to become an elitist.
  11. Here ya go

    Hillary Clinton is an Alien Plant and Chelsea is a hybrid Human/Alien baby. Bill was brainwashed and does not think under his own power.
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    I heard it was the Mafia and some Russians and Cubans working together...and some top brass in our own military who didn't want JFK to pull us out of Viet Nam :rolleyes:
  13. PAPA G

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    UFO's and BIGFOOT'S:rolleyes: ;)
  14. Logansdad

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    I believe in UFOs

    and I've seen some big shoes..up to size 16 on the rack at the shoestore
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    hey feg, i can confirm one of your conspiracies! i dont know about the un owning black helicopters but the u.s. does have some and uses them quite alot.
  16. PAPA G

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    they are real, i used to wire them up, for the company that does it. ever here of "Little Birds" McD500 helicopters modified for combat, and quick inserts and exctractions of troops, black and about as noisy as a weed wacker, with FLIR and hardpoints for all sorts of weapons sleds. they were in black hawk down. but you want to know whats really scary, theres a few called FBI birds, same set up, same weapons and weapons controls. only painted in regular civilian colors!!! why does the FBI need attack helicopters???huh???you tell me.:mad:
  17. that's an easy one! They need them to....

    :cool: They can use them against us! Remember Waco...What does theFBI do with people who don't fit the mold? Yup, burn them to death. Those are to control us dude! Your tax dollors at work!:nod:
  18. Rocklobster

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    Michael Jackson is a member of an alien race that lives among us. His disguise is just bad.
  19. The biggest conspiracy I am aware of is what I call "reconstruction". For instance, history is rewritten such that instead of the thirteen Colonies declaring themselves to be free States, it becomes the State of America that was born on the 4th of July. And the phrase "all men are created equal", which regarded royalty, is reconstrued in war propaganda to represent racial and gender equality. The Civil War, an attack on the Constitution, becomes a defense of "all men are created equal". And the conspiracy goes on and on ... the 14th "Amendment" failed, so they kicked the South out of Congress and took another vote, and it still failed so they kicked New Jersey out too, and then it passed. Yeah, right. It has gone so far that the SCOTUS says States cannot have laws against homosexual acts because it is an invasion of privacy, as if the limited federal government has jurisdiction over "privacy". But of course, as the conspiracy goes, the States didn't come first and create a limited federal government as their administrative unit, it becomes the national government who is supreme in all matters, and the States are just administrative units of national government.