Let's Redesign America's Currency!

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    Some nitwit, who I devoutly hope is not affiliated with the yankee gummint, has suggested that to keep dollar bills of all amounts 'relevant,' our currency needs a massive makeover, light-years beyond adding colored inks and changing the format of the faces on the obverse. Here is a link to an article on the idea - an extraordinarily BAD idea, in my opinion - for you to read; and to link through to the project.

    Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill (PHOTOS) - Yahoo! News

    This kind of person thinks that by "rebranding" the dollar bill, people will take it more seriously. Personally, based on the designs this monetary redesign project wants to see become our national currency, I suggest we take the contract for producing American currency away from the Treasure Department and give it to Parker Bros. instead. One of the proposed designs is not terribly odious. The rest look at best like Monopoly money, and one of them looks like toilet paper.
  2. As long as it doesn't have 'Federal Reserve Note' on it.

  3. Groan,

    these people totally miss the point.

    The dollar does not need redesigning.

    The dollar needs reinforcing.
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    ^^ agreed 100 % ^^
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    This article is from the Huffington Post.

    So you KNOW.
    There is some kind of agenda behind it!
  6. Hi grizcty

    Thanks for your kind agreement with my post.
    I sincerely appreciate it.
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    Obama is killing off the economy on purpose. Not only is he setting up a socialist government, but they will be successful in introducing the Amero Dollar. By accumulating this substantial debt, it will lower the value of the American Dollar by a drastic rate. With Obamacare on the horizon, it will match Canada's health care system, and help uniform currency and standards. Of course, there is no official records, just "conspiracy theories"

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and flies like a duck .... well it's got to be a duck.
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    It needs REPLACING.

    A paper dollar is worthless. It is un-Constitutional. It has NO intrinsic value. It is totally manipulated, and used by the banksters to rob the masses of their hard-earned wages.

    As long as printed paper is used as currency, the banksters and governments are able to constantly devalue it, simply by printing more, thus robbing the populace, over time, of their savings.

    When the fiat currency system of the world collapses ( and it won't be too long), the people will demand hard assets as money.

    The Chinese are already planning for this, and are in the process of cornering the copper market, because there is not enough gold and silver to use for worldwide currency. We may eventually see a broad spectrum of metals used for money in the near future, such as gold, silver, nickel, copper, (gee, sounds just like the coinage we USED to have in the USA) etc., all calculated to be multiples of each other, based on relative scarcity, mintability, and portability.
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    Precisely. I read somewhere that since about 1915, the value of the dollar has been reduced by 95% based on purchasing power. One of the worst things that ever happened to this country was Richard Nixon's taking the United States off the gold standard. I have always believed that money needs to be backed by SOMETHING. Doesn't have to be gold, doesn't have to even be a metal; but it has to be backed by something so that if you walk into a bank with your gazoonies that are valued at so many gazoonies per ounce of whatzitz, if you bring in that many gazoonies the bank HAS to give you an ounce of whatzitz.

    It's not a coincidence that the most stable currency in the world, the Swiis franc, is still backed by gold. This has more than a little to do with the proseperity of the Swiss.

    We are heading for trouble with the Empty Suit and his minions running the printing presses to "pay" for their stupidity. Given how little interest is paying these day in bank accounts, you may do better turning your money into finely machined steel, brass and lead than putting it in the bank.

    I strongly suspect we are heading for hyperinflation within the next two years unless a solution to the current "Great Recession" (ha!) can be found in the private sector. We certainly aren't going to get one from the yankee gummint. The best we can hope for there is for the Republicans to be able to put a stop to the Doofus-in-Chief's current scams and financial antics after they get control of Congress in November.
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    I got an email saying Canada was changing their currency displaying naked women as a tool to fight terrorism, being that Muslims have to kill themselves when they see a naked woman.
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    WTF...he wants to replace George Washington's face on the 1-Dollar bill with Obama's face? You've got to be f'n kidding me. What has Obama done to deserve such an honor? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!

    EDIT: I retract this comment. He has taken us into an age of communism and socialism. The dictator of these societies always has their face on the money.
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  12. Aw yes put a new design on the same old paper and say its been changed!!! Next We should start buying old POS cars and put a new paint job on them and sell them as brand new!
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    Here is two more, new designs.
    Offered by George Soros & crowd!

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    no offence, but quite frankly American money already looks like monopoly money. I like the English Notes because when drunk you only have to remember not to spend the big brown one. but all joking aside here is a great design for an american bill.

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    We'll soon be spending "credits".
  16. We need to go back to the gold standard. Even if we kick the commies out and get our gov back the dollar will still be worthless unless we back it.
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    I agree with you, sea chicken; but the trouble is, we can't. Let me explain why.

    Even if it were just a matter of having to back the piles of paper currency that are out there in circulation around the world, we couldn't do it. You see, every dollar bill of whatever denomination is a debt against the US Government the government has to honor. If it was just a matter of dealing with the paper money, it's just barely possible that when the price of gold comes down again as it always does, the government could buy, or mine and refine, enough gold to back the paper - especially if they took to burning up all the paper money that came into the Federal Reserve as it came into the Federal Reserve banks. If they slowed or stopped printing paper money for six months to a year and didn't print big bills ($50s and $100s), maybe the government could get the currency under control and its value up to the point that a dollar is worth a constant dollar, and not 67 constant cents.

    However, the US dollar is not just paper money any more. Only about 2% of the money the Treasury has to back exists as paper or coin. The other 98% of the money the Treasury has to back on demand exists only as ones and zeroes in computers. There is literally not enough gold in the world at the current market rates to back every one of those electronic bucks out there!

    I couldn't guess to within a trillion dollars how many electronic dollars are in 'circulation.' But I'm in good company. Neither can the Treasury Department. That ought to scare you. It does me!

    Let me try and give you some practical perspective on how it works.

    Earlier this year, I came into a financial windfall, a big one (by my standards). It was big enough to pay off the principal on the mortgage and on the minivan that Her Imperial Majesty had insisted we buy three years ago, with some left over. It presented me with the opportunity to wipe out every bit of debt the family had.

    I deposited the windfall check in my bank account and talked to the bank that held the mortgage on the house. I was expecting to at the very least have to show up on their doorstep with a certified check, or maybe a briefcase full of cash. I was told, "Oh, you don't need to do that. Just go to your bank and ask one of the officers to make a wire transfer. You will need your loan number, your bank account number, this routing number for our bank, and this account number for the mortgage department. Take all that to your bank, pay them $10, and they'll transfer the money. It's a routine transaction. Everyone does it this way now; has for years."

    I did what the bank holding the mortgage told me to do. The branch manager filled out the wire transfer form, had it witnessed by a loan officer for legal reasons, and put it through the wire transfer system at 11:45 AM. By noon, my bank had confirmation that the mortgage-holding bank had received the money; and I owned my own home. No muss, no fuss, and no trouble.

    But I never handled any greenbacks, and the only "money" I touched was the check that was the windfall. Yet the mortgage-holding bank sent me a letter dated that same day stating that I had paid off the mortgage, and I owned my house free and clear. Everything was just numbers in computers.

    Those dollars that exist only conceptually as entries in various computer files are why we can't go back to "the good old days" as recently as 1970. The only way we could make it work would be for everyone who held greenbacks to turn them in at a government-set exchange rate for paper money the Treasury agreed to back with gold - call them 'goldbacks.' Goldbacks that could then be presented at a bank and redeemed for real gold at the rate of so many goldbacks per ounce. Then we control the number of goldbacks in existence both in and out of the computers, and we could have a solid currency again.

    Of course, we'd probably kick off a global depression so bad it would make the Great Depression look like a hiccup and we'd probably bring down the entire international banking system, but that's beside the point. It would surely go a long way toward curing our financial ills as a nation - but the price is higher than we as a nation can afford to pay.
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    Good explanation, Cy! I'd love to see them bring back the "Ike"-sized dollar coins. Then I'd buy stock in a suspenders manufacturing plant. Hauling ten bucks around in your pockets would make everyone look like teenage gang-bangers otherwise...
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    i just started reading Patriots: a novel, and boy i think a socieconomic collapse is so close around the corner it would make peoples hair stand up if they realized, the dollar is on its way to being worthless just like in the book, and when that happens BAM were all effed