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Let's see your Remington 700

Discussion in 'Remington' started by Chromie, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. BigBlack

    BigBlack G&G Newbie

    Started life as a Wal-Mart clearance item that I took home for $245.00 (after mail in re-bate)

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  2. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist

    NW PA
    700 ADL inturnal mag 270win bought 12 years ago at wally world for 325. BPS 3x9x40AO pursite scope and DM kit and the sling will shot 3/4 groups @ 100yds with factory ammo.

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  3. Twitch2120

    Twitch2120 G&G Evangelist

    my new toy is sorta complete. custom barrel and stock in the future


    chambered in .300 RUM. Warne picatinny base, talley tactical scope rings, harris brm bipod, millett TRS-1 scope with .1 mil adjustments.

    yea, i know. its tacticool. im **** proud of it
  4. My Remington 700 .308

    700 .308

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  5. Earl Easter

    Earl Easter Pheasant Hunter Forum Contributor

    Nice pictures all, thanks again for posting a lot of great rifles.......I am enjoying them all...
  6. This is the only one I've got pictures of .270 Win 2.5-20 Nikon Hogue Stock


    Since then I've switched the scope to a .30-06 stainless fluted and my favorite is my SPS DM in .270 with a Leupold 2.5-8 scope shoots 5/8-3/4" with Hornadys.
  7. rob g

    rob g G&G Regular

    Here is my 700 with her new scope it is a 6-25x56 millett
    Have not shot it yet with this scope. It is a sps .308

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  8. Some good looking 700s on here, it's amazing how many variants and custom options there are. LOL I don't think any two pics have looked alike
  9. RackHunter

    RackHunter G&G Regular Forum Contributor

    Remington 700 BDL in .270 win with Nikon Prostaff 3x9x50 BDC and also bipod.

  10. ^ Nice rifle, EXCELLENT caliber! LOL
  11. BudW

    BudW G&G Evangelist

    try again
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  12. 4 outta 5 of my 700s
    top to bottom
    XCR in 270 Win with 2.5-10 Nikon Monarch
    VLS in 223 Rem with 6-24 NcStar (bought it used came on the gun and don't have the money to change it)
    CDL stainless fluted 30-06 in a Hogue stock with a 2.5-10 Nikon Monarch
    CDL in 243 Win with a Leupold VX-II 2-7

    My personal favorite is not on here cause it's in my truck during deer season SPS in 270 Win with the deatchable magazine and a Leupold VX-III 2.5-8
  13. Ranb

    Ranb G&G Addict

    I wanted a Sako in 338 lapua, but did not have the bucks. I settled for a used $500 Remington 700 in 300 ultra mag. I bought a Pac-Nor 30 inch barrel in 338 ultra mag profiled for my 308/338 silencer. It came with a short shank which I turned down .007" on my lathe to head space; no reamer needed. The silencer really tames the recoil as does the weight. I still need to get a good steel tilt
    -down mount and better scope, but so far the package as shown below was $500 for the action, $250 for the stock, $400 for the barrel, $300 for the SS 14x scope and about $260(with tax) for the silencer.
    [ame=]YouTube - 338 Ultra Mag with silencer.[/ame]

  14. Here is my favorite Model 700, It is a 700 BDL that I have had over 20 years, it is chambered in the 338 Win Mag. and sports a Leupold 4-12x scope.

  15. Here are my two newest purchased, both Rem 700 SPS varmint. One in 223 I restocked in a Bobby Hart LRT, the other 308 in a mock M40 config. I took advantage of the rem rebates.

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  16. Piper17

    Piper17 Suspended


    This is a limited production blued and fluted barrel (26") 700 CDL in .257 Weatherby. It now has a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9X 40mm atop (same one I have atop my Colt LE 6920 pictured in the AR-15 section).
  17. sniper762

    sniper762 G&G Enthusiast

    Remington Model 700VS .308 bolt action rifle. This rifle is glass bedded with free-floating barrel topped with a Unertle 10X x 40mm (Vulture) reticule moving scope. It is very accurate with zeroes out to 800yards. I have used it in several target matches and successfully bagged deer, bear and groundhogs with it.
  18. sniper762

    sniper762 G&G Enthusiast

    700 Classic 30-06 bolt action rifle. This gun was originally purchased by my cousin, Kenneth Pruitt in the early 70’s. He gave it to my uncle, Charles Tucker who sold it to Ronald Pendergrass who I bought it from in the late 70’s. Kenneth, Charles and I have killed countless deer with this rifle. Remington Model
  19. sncstealth

    sncstealth G&G Newbie

    my 68 ADL 30-06 i know the sight rings are terrible i bought it like that i need a better scope and rings

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