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Let's see your Remington 700

Discussion in 'Remington' started by Chromie, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. JasonG1983

    JasonG1983 G&G Newbie

    nice gun and even better deer! Id think about getting it mounted!

  2. mild bill

    mild bill G&G Newbie

    Remington 700VSF and Zeiss 6.5-20x50 scope

    new rifle and last few shots.

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  3. bender

    bender G&G Newbie

    Remington Model 700 in 6mm. Its been mine for nearly 30 years and for me, there is no substitute.

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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    I think vera with the electric tape on the stop is the one that shoots the best.
  5. volsman909

    volsman909 G&G Newbie

    Model 700 VTR .22-250 w/ Leupold VX III 4.5-14-40mm scope

    Model 700 BDL .270 WSM w/ Bushnell Sportview 4-12-40mm

    Not pictured-
    Model 700 Classic .243 w/ Leupold VX III 4.5-14-40mm scope
    Model 700 ADL 30.06 w/ Leupold VX II 4.5-14-40mm scope
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  6. notajeep

    notajeep G&G Addict

    M-700 in .308

    Shown here sporting a Holland Brake & Vortex Level.

    Best group to date at 500YDS was just under 2" with 168gr A-max. I bought this gun for prairie dog hunting and the occasional varmint or deer. I've had a great time learning everything it takes to accurately shoot at longer distances than most. A great platform for learning technique and ones limits.

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  7. jrswanson1

    jrswanson1 G&G Newbie

    Remington 700 Sendero II, .300 WinMag

    Remington 700 CDL, 7mm-08, whose picture is missing from Photobucket. Need to rectify that.

  8. Clark

    Clark G&G Addict

    I got an old 22-250 Rem 700 BDL for $180 at a gun show.
    I got a Choate stock for $40 at a gun show.
    I got a take off Krieger barrel with muzzle brake off the intenet for $150
    I got an IOR scope and rings off the internet for $600
    I had the Harris bipod lying around.
    I had the 6mmBR reamer lying around.

    I took it to the range and shot 5 groups with it a couple years ago. I may shoot it again some day.

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  9. zenobia

    zenobia G&G Newbie

    Wow! What beautiful rifle pics!!!! I think I'm in love!!! Thanks all for posting!
  10. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    WHAT???? Now who has a 6mmBR reamer just lying around? And you haven't shot it in how many years?

    Can I come over and play with your toys???
  11. gunone296

    gunone296 G&G Regular

    PIctures of some of my Remington 700's
    Top to Bottom
    700 LTR 223
    700 Classic 257 Roberts
    700 SA with Custom Hart Barrel in 284 Win
    700 Varmit 22-250 with HS Precision Stock
    700 LTR 308
    700 Mountain 280

    NIB Remington Classics and NIB Ruger 77 in 284Win

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  12. My Friend Ron shooting his 7x64 Brenneke. A very nice not often seen rifle that Remington built for hunting and it was used as a sniper rifle. very popular in the UK, pretty rare in The States.

    my friends Dad worked at Remington, and was fortunate to get this one for his son, who has taken many deer with it. he also likes funny looking hats, lol.

    [ame=]Remington Model 700 in 7x64 Brenneke - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Just bought my first r700 today on gunbroker. It's black and green in .300 Win mag. I'll post some pics as soon as it ships.
  14. MTWillie

    MTWillie G&G Newbie

    700 VTR .308 with Nikko 6-24x56

    Bought this from a friend of my dad's. The guy was an Army Sniper during Desert Storm and says this is one of the best factory .308s he's ever shot, so I snagged it up and he cut me a deal. He ended up buying another one.

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  15. Awesome! I'm jealous :yumyum:
  16. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk G&G Evangelist

    If I already posted this here, I aplogize. This started as a used Remington 700 in 30-06, black synthetic stock and a Harris Bipod. There was also a scope that was broken.

    Added a Shilen barrel and Choate stock. Replaced the broken scope with a Bushnell that was adequate, then replaced that with a Vortex. Shown is the Bushnell. Still in 30-06, it has become my everything but rabbits and squirrel gun.

  17. Tha Dave

    Tha Dave G&G Evangelist

    I have had 3 over the past several years, the first was a SPS 30-06 followed by a left handed SPS varmint in .223 that was a sweet rifle but I found one in .308 with a much more handy length so I traded the .223 for this bad boy. The only thing I am thinking about changing would be replacing the Hogue stock with a nice wooden one, just because I prefer wood and steel on my finer weapons

    There are two groups shot on that target, the bottom group was 5 rounds with Hornady 168gr HPBT Match ammo and the 2 holes on top were Remington Core-lok ammo just so I could see what the shift in POA/POI would be.

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  18. I finally got me a .308, took her out today and did some long range shooting with it. 935 yards. I tell ya what this stuff is FUN!!!

    Here is a video

    [ame=""]935 Yards - YouTube[/ame]

    Eye candy



  19. SgtD

    SgtD G&G Enthusiast

    700 adl

    Here is mine. 700 ADL Stainless, 24" barrel, chambered for 7mm-08. It is wearing factory scope mounts, Weaver Rings, and a Nikon Buckmaster fixed power 4x40 scope.


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