Let's see your Remington 700

Discussion in 'Remington' started by Chromie, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. boseland

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    Left-handed version, shoots like a dream, only problem is the shooter, not the rifle...

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  2. boseland

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    No hate on the first part...I have a Glock 19, Gen4, I point it at something and pull the trigger and it shoots and hits what I aim at. Easy to clean, totally reliable, accurate, what's not to like? But I do like my Remington 700, 30.06...That thing is amazingly accurate and looks like a great rifle should look...

  3. I dunno bout that last part...your rifle has the bolt on the wrong side LOL

    The dirty ought six is a fine round...I just see no personal need for it. I prefer my .270 in every regard. If I want more power I'll get a .30 magnum.

    Wouldn't mind a Garand in 30.06 though ;)
  4. Para Cassatt

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    2004 Classic 8x57

    I finally took a few pics today of mine. I swapped out the SD card but still am having the colored streaks show up in everyother pic so I don't know what's up with the camera. These are the only two that weren't streaked too badly. Anyway she's been a good one and being chambered in 8x57 usually make tracking a none issue. Love this gun.

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  5. M14man

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    I have a custom made Remington 40XC-NM (7.62 Nato built for me by the Remington Custom shop in 1988.) 40X series is a custom 700.See link below
    40-X Series

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  6. Remington Model 700 Police circa 2003

    Hear is what I know about my rifle:

    Remington Model 700 Police (Manufacture Date 2003)
    26" Heavy Matte Black Contoured Barrell
    HS Precision Composite Kevlar Stock

    I can't find any information on the trigger group from a 2003 model, ton of information on the new 700P design though. Does anyone what standard parts were installed on the Model 700 Police in 2003?

    Thanks for your help guys!!!!

    JESSEDR G&G Addict

    I have a Rem. Woodmaster 750, 30-06, I tread my mini 14 for back in June. I checked with Rem. and it was manufactured in Nov.2010, my mini 14 was sept. 2011. This rifle is like new. The gun shop I got it at said a guy got it for his son but his son did not want to hunt with it as it was to short for him so brought it in and tread for a rem. 700 in 243. HIS LOSS. My good luck got a nice buck with it this year...
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    Love those Rem autos Jesse. I have a Model Four in 270 Win. which was made from 81 to 87 I believe. Feeds well and have not experienced any jams. Yours is the upgraded version of mine but similar in appearance. Like the standard sling swivel posts of the 750. Less hassle than doing it yourself. Get 2 inch groups with mine at 100 yds using 130 grainers. Not too bad for an auto.Best wishes
  9. MTWillie

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    Here's my new one. Saving up for a new stock down the road, and a bottom metal setup with a detachable magazine.

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  10. Para Cassatt

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  11. rootbrain

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    Just finished my upgrade. Started with ADL .308 with blind mag. Upgrade ADL to BDL starting with Boyds laminated thumbhole stock. Then add Wyatt's Outdoors DetMag kit for SA Bull barrel. It came with 5 round magazine, I bought 2 more 10 round mags.

    Took off the Crappy scope it came with and added this more expensive crappy one I had laying around :). It actually not a bad scope, but not a Leupold to be sure. 6*24*50 taking it to zero this weekend.

    The whole upgrade was a 30 minute drop in. The barrel is free floated in the stock, I can run a business card between the barrel and stock, from front to receiver. But it's a bit tight on the right side so will do some minor sanding in the barrel channel when I get a chance.

    I'm loving this and glad I "pulled the trigger" on it, so to speak.


  12. Para Cassatt

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    Nice rifle Rootbrain.
  13. bender

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    Not the greatest of photos, but this 6MM Remington has been my favorite since my dad bought it for me 30 years ago. I've been it's only owner :)

  14. mauser9

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    I love it Bender. And in 6MM it must be a joy to shoot as well as a fine whitetail cartridge with the 100 grain bullet. I have a 700 ADL in 30-06 but if I had to do it over again I would grab one in 243 or 6MM as most of the deer I bag aren't exactly King Size LOL thanks for showing
  15. bender

    bender G&G Newbie

    Yes, it is an absolute joy to shoot, but a pricey round these days. I was fortunate enough to find a guy moving out of the country and bought 900 rounds from him in a true fire sale.

    I didn't fully appreciate it back in the 80s, thinking it was inferior to the 30.06, but have long since seen the light :)
  16. mauser9

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    Know what you mean pal. Fired my friends Ruger 77 in 6MM back in the late eighties I believe and man I did not want to go back to my 06. Trouble is I have had it for 35 years and it has been on too many trips that hold fond memories. Kinda like a family member.