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Lets take a poll!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cranky-Kraut, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. How many were drawn into firearms shooting or collecting by the Mosin-Nagant?

    How many were already into shooting or collecting but have been totally won-over by the Mosin-Nagant? Remington?...whats that?

    Do you buy "toys" for your Mosin?

    Do you hug your Mosin more than your wife?

    Do you have a Mosin "Museum Display" in your home?

    Thanks for playing! We have some lovely parting gifts waiting fpr you backstage.
  2. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    My first milsurp was my Spanish M43 I bought at a K-MART (of all places!) 25 years ago. But, my next was my first Mosin (about eight yaers ago), and that started me into collecting. So far, I've got four Mosins and planning to get more. The "Mosin-wing" is a bit farther in the future.
    I ain't married, how do think I can afford all these nice milsurps? Maybe if I find a gal with similar tastes, we'll merge our collections.
    Since I just saw "Enemy at the Gates", you can guess what my next Mosin will be.

  3. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    bigdog i hope you find the right gal, especially if she likes your cleaning rod!!!HEH HEH HEH HEH . my very first mil-surp was an italian carcano about 1962. $7.77 at the Korvettes Department store mailordered a mosin 91/30 in 1965, ten bucks post paid direct to my door, no C&R needed o the good old days. but what got me hooked as all the ads put out by interarms, goldenstate firearms and some others lots a B.S. in the ads abut great reading.
  4. TERRY8mm

    TERRY8mm G&G Newbie

    this started my addiction, 'nuff said?

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    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Mosins rule

    I was already into guns before my mosin. My mosin was my first Bolt action now I own 3 mosins a turk 1888 rifle and schmidt rubin. I also have a 308 Mas and a Mak 90.

    The Mosin Museum has been relocated from under my bed to a cabinet I built at my parent's house. This move may be a little more than temporary as I hope to eventually move to SC.

    However there will be a traveling exhibit of some turks (I plan to buy) on location at my house. Please feel free to visit us while we update our collection. Admission is free during regular visiting hours. After hours admission is your life.
  6. mil-surps rule!

    my first mil surp was a enfield NO.4 MK.1 madein 1943, I still have it today, it was given to me when i was 13, me and my buddy tony had alot of fun shooting woodchucks, me with the enfield and him with a old carcano m38 his dad bought him, in fact it was alot like the m38 that killd kenady, because i remember that it had a scope on it, but not much else about it, I got my first mosin 4 years ago at a small gun shop, it was m28 finnish(as i latter found out) paid $50 for it, never shot it because I couldnt find ammo(I didnt have a computer back then, and didnt know about shotgun news) so i sold it a year latter for $50 and was happy to get my money back(I know, I should have help onto it) I know have izhevesk 1945 m44, a 1917 tula m91, and a 1942 izzy m91/30, and im looking to get a m38 soon.
  7. I've been into shooting and guns since I was a kid but never collected any particular kind. That is until I started reading G&G many months ago. I'd never owned a Mosin before. I had never even heard of them. In a little less than 3 months time I bought three of them. I have read just about all the web sites about them and I realize that I dont own one from Poland, Romania, Finland, and the list goes on. And like Big Dog, I aint married either and my gun collection has grown by 6 new toys in the year I've been single. The guns are easier to control than a wife. The three Mosins are above the fireplace and there is room up there for at least 3 more.
  8. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Humm I had a few firearms laying around the house..shoot a little..but had a job for the state working 60-70 hours a week so no shooting for several years. Got back into it just asthe gun store I bught my first gun from was going out of bussiness..started picking up lots of pistols...(only knew of indoor ranges)...seen a bubba ized Mosan for $70 and learned of an out door range. It was the first center fire rifle Ive owned and it was fun..did some research on the talked into getting my C&R and then the addiction took off.
    I have 4 now. I seem to pick them up more on a wim than any intentional me they got me back into shooting and have lead to things like a CZ-52, SKS and hopefully soon an AK. Like everyone esle $$ is the limiting factor and I tend to see some shiny toy (like the cobray I just got) and spend my gun $$ on it.
    As for accessorise.. I got the Leather ammo pouches and slings but just cant talk my self into puting a scope on them..especialy the cut the bolt kits. I am looking hard at that peep sight from MOJO..$30
    Dont hug them more than my wife...but when my wife once joked? that I love me guns more than her I rented the moveie enemy at the gate..put the mosans on the couch with a bowl of pop corn and told her I was watching a moveie with my friends...
  9. I have had numerous firearms over the years. But i got married and started having kids, and started my own business. All hobies were put on the back burner. Looking at a Big 5 ad and notice a rifle for $49.99 showed my wife and she said "you like shooting go buy one". I bet she kicks herself now. 4 mosins later, I am out shooting when ever I can. No i dont but toys for the mosins, and i don't hug them more than my wife, but i did spend a painful couple of weeks trying to refinish one, I do believe I made the wife jelous with that one.