Lets Talk Range Bags.

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  1. what do you guys carry in your rag bags?
    here is what i carry....
    1. (2) hearing protection
    2. rag and a shirt for cleaning at the range
    3. cleaning kit
    4. 100FT tape to measure distance for sighting in
    5. pens and markers for marking targets or writing something down
    6. (2) pocket books for writing down stuff
    7. tape: electrical and masking for taping up targets
    8. tacks also for targets
    9. tools: finishing nail hammer, vice grips, channel locks, flat and a Phillips screwdriver, allen wrenches ( metric and american ) and needle nose pliers
    10. knife for cutting tape or whatever else
    11. gun oil
    12. compass so i know N,S,E,W for wind
    13. gloves for winter shooting
    14. extra hand guard rail and screws
    15. spare parts ( firing pin, gas rings (3), trigger springs, trigger pins, firing pin retaining pin )
    16. cards for targets in case i forget regular targets like i did last time
    17. water proof camo face paint i found around the house i so just tossed it in the bag for whatever
    18. empty bags for brass and garbage (snacks, soda, water, targets) i bring to the range
    19. targets ( currently out )
    20. camera ( not shown because its taking this picture :) )
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  2. TACAV

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    staple gun and staples
    3x5 cards and pen
    black sharpie pen
    eye/ear pro.
    multi-allen wrenchand normal multitool
    masking tape
    Pencil eraser (for wiping fouling off of weapon mounted lights)
    Bug spray, sun screen

    Small "bare bones" cleaning kit for simple maintenance functions if im just gonna go plink as I clean my guns when I get home. If Im going to a training class Ill bring the full kit with me.

    Everything else, like holsters, etc is dependent on what Im bringing out that day.

  3. jashoffa

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    I just bought a new range bag over the weekend and so I had to move stuff over to it I got rid of some stuff and you guys give me some ideas about what to include in my bag that I don't carry right now. but here is some of the things I have.

    eye protection

    Electronic muffs

    bottle of disposable ear plugs for new shooters or someone that forgot theirs.

    2 sets of re-usable ear plugs, one is mine(before the electronic muffs) other is wife's

    three pistol rugs/cases (depending on how many I bring with)

    screw driver with assortment of interchangeable bits

    baggies for spent brass


    a 25 round 10-22 mag (I don't know why I keep it in the bag I don't always gring the 10-22 with)

    allen wrenches

    Golf ball (to use as a target)

    I am sure I am missing some things but this is what I can come up with from memory.
  4. Ammo, lots and lots of ammo!

    I fill the back of a mini van with several boxes, rifle box, pistol box or black powder box depending on what I'm shooting. Tool box and basic cleaning stuff for the mil-surps and corrosive ammo. I'll clean the bores with windex then oil so if they set overnight when I get home no damage is done.

    Don't forget the picnic basket Yogi.
  5. Darkfront

    Darkfront G&G Evangelist

    Staple gun
    Eye Pro
    Ear Pro
    Cleaning solvents/oil
    Cleaning rod/brushes/jags
    Cleaning patches
    Cleaning rags
    Bore guides
    Gunsmith screwdriver kit
    Punch kit
    Spare AR parts (gas rings, firing pin, cotter pin, misc. springs)
    Dope book
    Laser range finder
    2 Pens
    1 Sharpie
    Collimating boresighter (magnetic)
    Spotting scope
    Spoon/Charger for stripper clips
    Business cards (for teaching pistol classes. You never know who you find)
    Snap caps for dry fire/malfunction drills
    Shooting gloves
    Appropriate load bearing equipment (skeet bag, "bat belt")
  6. In my Bag

    Ammo, hearing protection, cigarettes, Bic, roll of Tums, chew'in gum, ghost rag, picture of my wife, two or three dimes laying loose in bag for adjusting scopes, couple of Snickers or Little Debbis nutty bars, can of OFF and a oily rag in a zip lock bag to wipe off the gun.
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  7. DaTeacha

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    Targets, target dots, chrony, ammo, magazines, rear sand bag, short tripod style front rest, ear muffs, stapler, scotch tape for if the target board is too torn up for the stapler to work, bug dope, maybe binocs, gun screwdriver set, knife in pocket. If the spotting scope comes along, it is in it's own case and the tripod for the chony is on top of the range bag, which is actually a Husky brand tool bag. The numerous interior and exterior pockets and pouches are handy plus the thing is super heavy duty. The gun(s) are in their own case(s) preferably hard but some softsiders. I may have an extra bag for more ammo depending on how long I intend to be there.

    If I'm just going out to the yard range, it's a lot simpler since I can just walk back in here to get what I forgot.
  8. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    I use a big Makita tool bag. in it I have -stapler & box of staples, targets, chronograph, tripod for chrony, my portable gunsmithing tool box, rags, hearing & eye protection, sharpie pen and ball point pen, portable pistol rest, small bottle of Hoppe's # 9, .22 cleaning rod and anything else pertaining to the guns that I am bringing to work on. (different power springs ,barrels, grips etc.) I probably forgot something but I always do
  9. billy

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    hearing protection.
    maybe a stapler
    i used to bring all sorts of crap.
    but now i keep it simple.
    a LOT easier.
    and the easier it is to go shooting.
    the better i like it.

    when i realized it was taking 3 or 4 or even more trips to the truck just to go shooting.
    i snapped out of it.
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  10. DaTeacha

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    I like Billy's approach, but I also hate to drive the 20 miles to the club range and then find I forgot something, so I tend to overpack. Oh yeah, if I'm shooting the AR, I bring a broken shell extractor, too.
  11. RePete

    RePete G&G Regular

    For Pistol Shooting

    Eye and ear protection.
    Small first aid kit.
    Loaded mags.
    Spare parts kit with small tools..
    Squib rod and 8oz hammer.
    Water in outer pouch.

    For Rifle Shooting

    All in an Action Packer box.

    Extra/different targets.
    Rear bag.
    Bench rest if required.
    Data book/s.
    Pens and pencils.
    Bottled water.
    Hammer and nails.

    For All Shooting

    Shoulder bag

    Some targets.

    IDPA targets are in the van always.
    I have a converted jogger stroller for humping the shooting bag at matches, it saves the shoulder and neck.

    If I need to chronograph then I take a Doskosil Double Takedown case with the chono and gear in it and a Doskosil 4 pistol case for the IR equipment.
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