Liar, liar Pants On Fire

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  1. I had always wondered why some of my pants "fit" and others did not...

    Where is con-gress or the Consumer Protection Board...?

    CARPE DIEM: Your Pants are Lying to You: "Vanity Waist Sizing"

    Your Pants are Lying to You: "Vanity Waist Sizing"


    According to Esquire Magazine, many retailers are lying to consumers about waist sizes in order to make them feel thinner and more likely to buy their clothes. The worst offenders? A pair of Old Navy pants labeled as size 36 were in fact 41 inches, a pair of size 36 Dockers were actually 39.5 inches, and Haggar and Gap were both selling 39 inch pants as size 36. CBS Sunday Morning featured a story today about the trend towards "vanity waist sizing."
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    my problem is just the opposite, pants that seem to have shrunk between the store and home.:boggled:

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    Stop leaving them on the manifold...
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    I never buy clothes without trying them on first.
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    The ladies have had to try clothes on for years. The last couple of years or so men have, too. What a pain. Now I have to go shopping and I really hate it.
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    I am a fat body and have no problem admitting it. I have to try on different pants to make sure they fit, otherwise I am just wasting time going back to the store exchanging them.
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    My pant size is accualy 4" larger than my waist because I carry IWB...:biglaugh:
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    Even worse than this is/was the elimination of odd inch lengths in pants.

    I used to buy 33" long pants. Now, I can only get 32" (too short) or 34" (too long) pants.

    It would not be a big deal to get 34" and hem them up, but it is almost impossible to make the same kind of hem on blue jeans as what comes from the factory.