Liberal media goes on attack against GOP's Boehner

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    The New York Slimes.
    Would NEVER do something like this!
    Yeah, right!

    Liberal media goes on attack against GOP's Boehner

    Last Updated: 11:50 AM, September 24, 2010
    Posted: 1:00 AM, September 24, 2010
    The heat is on Republican leader John Boehner.
    Liberal media outlets are trying to smear the highest-ranking Republican in the House just weeks before the midterm elections with a deal-breaking scandal before he has a chance to take the speaker's chair from Nancy Pelosi.
    A blogger from liberal Web site The Daily Kos pierced through Boehner's security detail at yesterday's unveiling of his leadership policy "Pledge to America" to ask if he was sleeping with a lobbyist from the Printing Industries of America.
    The congressman ignored the pesky blogger with a flip camera and kept moving to his fleet of black Suburbans.
    The lobbyist who was named in the confrontation and then was contacted by he Daily Kos blogger Lisbeth Lyons denied the accusations. "As you can imagine, I was stunned by such a question," Lyons said. "I found it to be highly insulting, particularly as a female political professional, as well as unfounded. Beyond that, I have no further comment on the matter."
    Insiders on Capitol Hill are buzzing about an upcoming New York Times exposé that will detail an alleged Boehner affair. Sources say the Times is looking for the right time to drop the story in October to sway the election, similar to how the Times reported during the 2008 presidential campaign on an alleged John McCain affair that supposedly had taken place many years before and that was flatly denied by the woman in question.
    "Catching Boehner with a mistress is the only way to destroy him politically before the election," a source said.
    A rep for Boehner's office said, "This is bull[bleep]. The American people oppose Washington Democrats' job killing, so their desperate liberal allies are resorting to outright lies. It's low, and it's dirty."

    Liberal outlets try to nab John Boehner for infidelity before midterm elections -
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    I expect nothing less from the bottom feeders . I dont think this crap is gonna work anyway the american voting puplic has figured out all politicos are womanizing scumbags . The current media is fixin on getting a rude awakening as americans tune them out and take back our country .

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    John Boehner is my Congressman and I will be voting for him again.
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    Is it too much to expect anyone to make a story of the deliberate attempt by the liberal crowd to use the media by planting the seeds of this thing?

    On the other hand, if it's enough to raise doubts in the mind of the voters will it matter? A little dalliance that ended in the death of a young woman after a drunken senator drove off a bridge wasn't enough to kill a political career, so why should an affair?

    What percentage of recent and not so recent political power figures were known womanizers? JFK, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Clinton, you name 'em. Did it end their careers? How many were hurt, how many had nothing more than a little "oops, I got caught" moment?