Liberal Media & the DNC

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Jun 11, 2002.

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    :( You people out there are very well aware of the liberal media bias...Almost everyone I know knows that the Democratic Party will flat out lie to win elections :mad: and the media will bend over backwards to help them :rolleyes: If we all voted every time we got the chance we might be able to correct alot of what is wrong out there :eek: So vote :cool: tell everyone you know to vote :nod: or we deserve what we get stuck with :mad: a very vocal minority slaps around a very silent majority :eek: thats why we have zero tolerance in schools (children going to jail for drawing planes, tanks & soldiers with rifles), political correctness & militant liberals of every stripe trying to indoctrinate our children with propaganda :confused: Do something....Vote :mad:
  2. Stopper

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    Rock on brother!!

    Vote the "career" politicians out!

    Working the system usually means I'm gett'n it where I don't want it.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yeah you can't even use a chicken strip and act like its a gun without getting in trouble...VOTE...VOTE...VOTE!!!
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    There all career politicians, they stroke us like a harp.Vote out the lawyers, doctors,but that won't happen because old Joe worker
    doesn't have the money to buy his way in.
  5. Calvin

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    I read in an article where a kid went to school dressed as a cowboy, complete with the holster and toy gun, for a Halloween party. He's now in home schooling because another kid dressed as an Indian and complained that the "cowboy" was an enemy, according to the TV shows he watched. Little Running Scared said he was afraid, and asked the teacher to have the kid take off his cowboy outfit. Talk about pathetic!!
    Man, when I was a kid, you HAD to play cowboy and Indians or war because that's what you did. Now, kids are playing attorneys and doctors, but on a much more serious level. My step-kids never were allowed to play with toy guns until I came along, and they have a very good (and SAFE) time.
    You guys are right-if we don't do it, we're all gonna hang........
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    Man if I pulled off the same childish stuff I did nowdays my family haved had to put me in counseling..retain a gaggle of lawyers. Can we sue the librals for causeing us stress?
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    it seems like all of this crap in schools is pretty new stuff too. When I was in elementary school ten years ago, we could have gotten away all kinds of stuff like that, and non one would have said a thing. calvin is right, it wasn't cowboys and indians anymore, but you just HAD to play war or army, that was all we did. if we didn't have toy guns we'd use sticks or our fingers.
  8. Shaun

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    I got to thinking about these foolish things the other day like that kid in the bay area in PRK that was given probabtion for a spitball and the father was told he must keep both his kids in thehouse at all times because they were running around being kids.

    Lets see when I was that kids age I used to get in rock throwing fights and one kid always thought he could hind behind a hedge and everytime I would pop him in the head and send him home cryin. I was mean huh - well imagine that today the kids parents would have had attorney's on my parents doorsteps with a lawsuit in one hand and a restraining order in the other. And knowing what PRK is like now its probably a felony with a 25 to life sentence.

    Encourage your friends to vote and get out at the poles its our government and we make the decisions who are there if everyone voted Fienstien, Boxer, Lieberman, Hillary, and Gore would be sweeping out bathrooms for a living and not trying to invade our lives.
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    Logansdad,as Beretta used to say,"You done good!"
    And always remember...never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers!
    Gang,we need all the conservative votes we can get!Just do it!
    November is fast approaching!!!!!:nod: :nod: :nod: :cool: