Liberal TV Guide - Schedule For This Week !

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    Liberal TV Guide - Schedule For This Week !
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    Lower than Barbra's I.Q., it's....


    12 PM THE TONEY BROWN JOURNAL. Jesse Jackson and Sheila Jackson Lee hold a dinner reception and a tour de force in haute cuisine: extra crispy!

    1 PM RUG RATS. The true baby stories of k.d. lang, Rosie O'Donnell, and Patricia Ireland.

    2 PM CEREAL KILLER. Ralph Nader reports on nintety-seven deaths caused by Cheerios.

    3 PM BALI HIGH. Harry Belafonte gives a benefit concert for the Al Qaeda freedom fighters who struck a blow against a white night club.

    4 PM MOVIE: THE BLUE LEGUME. Monica Lewinsky, in her favorite GAP dress, makes her acting debut as a White House pizza delivery girl who really delivers.

    6 PM BUFFY THE CAMPFIRE SLAYER. Buffy wipes out another nest of evil Campfire Girls who are trying to corrupt virtuous lesbians with the concept of heterosexuality.

    7 PM ADULT MOVIE THEATRE: NORWEGIAN WOOD. After awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Osama bin Laden, the Nobel committee engages in an orgy.

    9 PM STARBUCKS. Barbra Streisand holds a benefit concert for the Taliban. Alec Baldwin, Ed Asner, Jessica Lange, Harry Belafonte, Cynthia McKinney, Mullah Omar, Eleanor Clift, and Vanessa Redgrave make appearances.

    12 AM SIGN-OFF. Streisand shrieks off-key and blows out the transmitter.

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    13. "Anti-Gunsmoke" :mad: :D Starring Al Gore as Matt Dillon