Libral Tree Hugger Logic....gota love it.

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    This is a very long newspaper artical...but basicly it SLAMS the
    " Earth Summit delegates" who are protesting the USA and our non tree hugging selfs, causeing the worlds problems policies...but when the doors close, these tree hugging, protest America, liberals turn in to Pigs!!!!!!
    guess you cant hug a tree on an empty stomac.

    Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2002
    'Sickening' U.N. Elitists Gorge on Caviar as Africans Starve

    The London Sun today blasted the "sickening champagne and caviar lifestyle being enjoyed by Earth Summit delegates."

    Just like at the so-called World Food Summit, "They are gorging on mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak at the Johannesburg conference — aimed at ending FAMINE," raged the newspaper. And they wash it all down with the finest champagnes and wines, of course.

    "As the summit began yesterday, desperate kids in nearby shanty towns queued for water at standpipes."

    Even the self-styled "environmentalist" left-wing group Friends of the Earth called the face-feeding frenzy "deplorable.â€￾

    'Money Is No Object'

    Desmond Morgan, head chef of the five-star Michelangelo Hotel hosting the environment-destroying Earth Summit bigwigs, described the mountains of gourmet food he is whipping up and declared, "Money is no object.â€￾

    While South Africans are starving in slums just a few miles away, Morgan bragged of the delicacies the delegates would feed on, including:

    5,000 oysters, more than 1,000 pounds of lobster and other shellfish, buckets of caviar, 450 pounds of salmon and 220 pounds of "a tasty South African fish called kingclip."

    piles of politically incorrect paté de foie gras.

    more than 2 tons of steak and chicken breasts and more than 1,000 pounds of bacon and sausages.
    Naturally, taxpayers of the participating nations, including the U.S. and Great Britain, are picking up the tab for the $53 million extravaganza.

    "Whether they want Beluga caviar, foie gras or bacon sandwiches, we have it all," the chef said.

    'Everything They Can Possibly Want'

    "In my experience, heads of state don’t decide what they want to eat or drink until the last minute. So I have to make sure I have everything they can possibly want.â€￾

    The Sun reported, "A new kitchen has been especially created for world leaders, including the Sultan of Brunei, who have their own cooks and tasters."

    Apparently the elitist mainstream media either see nothing wrong with this kind of hypocrisy or don't want you to know bad things about their beloved United Nations, because few of them are covering this aspect of the conference.

    The globalist boondoggle is centered around Sandton, the most exclusive suburb in all of Africa. Its streets are lined with expensive restaurants, shopping malls and villas - gated, of course, to keep out the undesirables.

    "Yet close by, families scratch a desperate existence in the sprawling shanty town of Alexandra," the Sun reported.

    "The average weekly wage for the few who work in the township is less than the cost of a vintage brandy at the Michelangelo."

    As people who do not support themselves keep reproducing, more than 14 million southern Africans, most of them children, are at risk of starving to death, according to aid agencies.

    "The 60,000 summit delegates from 182 countries are expected to drink 80,000 bottles of mineral water during the conference," said the Sun.

    "Yet each day 6,000 African children die from diseases caused by contaminated water."

    Reuters reported that activists vowed to press ahead with a banned protest march Saturday from a slum to the U.N. fatcats in Sandton. South African police warn they will crack down "very, very firmly."

    Limousine Liberals Destroy
    Hundreds of Trees

    And then there's this gem from the Sun: "in another ironic twist, hundreds of trees have been felled around the conference centre so fleets of limousines will have unhindered access."

    Mike Childs, a spokesman for Friends of the Earth, fumed: "They are living it up while not taking action for the millions around the world who will die because of inaction.

    "How can delegates sleep soundly in their beds knowing such suffering is just down the road?"

    Sir Teddy Taylor, a Tory member of the British Parliament, denounced the summit as "absurd.â€￾

    'Nothing Will Be Achieved'

    "The whole thing makes me feel sick. When you think about the starving people in the world and then see this sort of lavish display it just isn’t right.

    "I’m sure nothing will be achieved at the meeting except for photo opportunities allowing politicians to say how great they are.â€￾
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    Don't take coal to Newcastle

    I had a friend from north eastern England near Newcastle Upon Tyne who was bad mouthing the USA about our lack of concern for the ozone increase in the sky allegedly caused by our excessive reduction in trees. (Probably most of you know that carbon dioxide is a by-product of photosynthesis. With less trees there's less CO2 to shield ozone from reaching the earth.)

    At the same time I was aware that he was an electrical engineer who had designed power plants powered by the excesses in coal from the NE region of England. (In fact there's an old saying, "Don't take coal to Newcastle"). There's so much coal there that I picked up a clunk of coal just lying along the beaches of the North Sea.

    To me it was totally rediculous for him, and the English in general, to criticize us when they were doing basically the same thing to our planet only in a different form.


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    I heard about this too. But,you need to remember that they are doing this for our own good,they're special and the masses NEED the guidance from them. We cannot survive without them. (GAG)
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    ah the elite at their hypocritical best!!!!:mad:
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    Oxford, you are bassackward on the CO2 thing. Plants take in CO2 and release oxygen. Burning fossil fuels release CO2. Ozone high in the atmosphere is a GOOD thing, it shields us from the worst of the ultra violet radiation. Therefore, your post makes no sense, as it is currently written.
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    klaus thats not true, ozone is a product of fossil fuel consumption, it is released by natural production of burning fossil fuels, however ozone produced at this level does not reach the stratosphere, the ozone at the troposphere and stratosphere is produced by combinations of the outer atmosphere and the suns hallow, cfcs produced from refrigeration devises, thats bromide and iodine, produce chlorine that combines with ozone to produce a reduction of stratospheric ozone, reduction of ozone allows more regions of ultra violet to penatrate the atmosphere and is harmfull to health every where, now c02 is a gas that traps the suns energy to raise temperatures on a global scale, most co2 is produced by fossil fuel burning power plants, this is what i cant understand about those so called envioromental idiots, the problem is easilly addressed by building nuclear power plants clean and efficient, no co2 output and no ozone production
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    What are YOU claiming that I said that is not true? Now, to address your other points. Ozone is an unstable oxygen molecule (O3). It is not normally formed in combustion, but but by some photochemical reactions and high voltage electrical equipment. I think you are mixed up with Carbon Monoxide (CO). Most of the ozone in the stratosphere is created by solar radiation. CFCs have nothing to do with bromine and iodine. I have no idea where you got that misinformation from. The problem with CFCs is that they contain Chlorine. CFC stands for CHLORINATEDFlouroCarbons. The problem is that chlorine is highly reactive and normally does not move high in the atmosphere before chemically bonding to something. If it is bonded to a flourocarbon, it is stable enough to reach the stratosphere. There, solar radiation can break the chlorine free from the flourocarbon, allowing it to attack ozone. It acts as a catalyst to convert O3 to O2. CO2 along with nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor is a major component of air. Most CO2 is produced NATURALLY. From the portion that is created by man, power plants are probably the largest single contributer. Many people, including me, think the world's climate would be much better if it was warmer. The current low temperature of the Earth is locking up huge amounts of fresh water in the poles and causing the air to be dry. That is why there is so much desert. Prior to this series of Ice Ages we are in, most of the world was tropical or subtropical and various African animals, like hippos, lived as far north as England. For the last point, I do agree with you on nuclear power. Environmentalists should be pushing for it big time, and the US program needs to be revamped along the lines of the French program. Spent fuel should be recycled.
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    interesting commentary from 7mm and Klaus. but whats this got to do with the fraud being perpitrated as described by 'lips??? these people are the Marie Antonette of the new century!!!
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    Sorry, I was responding to Oxfords post. We already knew that most of these liberal groups were flaming hypocrites.
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    Klaus buddy i was only pointing out that the postings were going off on a tangent from the original posting. no harm intended on my part.
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    That is ok. I am not easily offended and take few things personally. I did not mean to rebuke you.
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    Klaus is right on with his statement about Ozone, CO2 and the hypocritical libs. Interestingly, ozone in the lower atmosphere is considered a pollutant. Ozone can be created through combustion, but only at very high temps and in an oxygen rich environment, and then only in smaller amounts. Did you also know that plants normally output oxygen during photosynthesis, but at night they output CO2. That's one reason why nurses remove plants from patients rooms at night. CO2, along with CO, is a product of combustion of carbon compounds.

    Ozone levels are not typically altered, one way or the other, by plant life. Ozone is actually poisonous to most lifeforms on our planet. It is a free radical that breaks down other ionic bonds, much like chorine ions. If you expose a tree to a significant level of ozone, you will kill it. Power plants used to generate electricity create large amounts of ozone. It is not the combustion process, but the arcing of contacts that does it. Lightning is also a major source of ozone in the lower atmosphere. Ozone does not rise.
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    Klaus: Guess you're the chemistry expert on photosynthesis. I stand corrected on the CO2 statement that I posted earlier. You got the final word in again.(ha)