Licenses for Toys

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    Got to love this stuff

    Licenses for Toys
    Children as young as four in New Zealand are being required to apply for "licenses" for toy guns. The scheme was launched at Tahunanui kindergarten in Nelson, South Island, and is spreading rapidly. Applicants for a license must say why they want one. Those who say they want to shoot endangered animals are told why this must not be done.

    Youngsters who want to play cops and robbers are told that New Zealand police are usually unarmed, so shooting is forbidden. But children who want to put down a seriously injured pretend horse, or hunt possums - seen as a pest - may be granted a license. Card licenses must then be carried.

    [Source: The Daily Telegraph, London, 9/11/00]
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    not the greatest plan, but at least their not suspending kids for extending the forefinger and going bang!!!:mad:

  3. More than likely they're way past that!, besides all this applying for permits for toys is just preparing the kids for the future, i'm really surprised some leftist wack job hasn't tried to have that done here!.


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    When toy guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have toy guns! How stupid are those people?
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    Jerry,I truly hope,in the future,that the rest of the world does see us as rebels. MAY WE BE THE LAST HOLDOUTS FOR FREEDOM!