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    Virginia`s Crime Commission will study the issue of private sales at gun shows -- but already has made clear it will not issue any legislative recommendations as a result of its findings. That has upset some of the usual suspects in the gun-control wars, including those who favor closing an ostensible loophole. What good, they ask, is a study without recommendations? The question assumes the study would reach the same conclusions they already have. But what good is a study whose outcome is known in advance? An unbiased study very well might refute arguments in favor of tighter restrictions.

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    It's not about crime control,thats just what they want you to think.Its really about absolute control,thats why they want to take our guns.

  3. I can't beleive there's people in this country that want to take all of our guns a way !

    But I know there is But whats it to them that some folks own guns ?

    The chance's of a gun being used on the anti's is zilch's.

    I sure would like to pick the mind of a staunch gun control freak to see what they fear.