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    Ran across a cd where I had Wolf camera put a lot of my pictures on CD. Heres one I took south of An Loc. 1968. Air mattress we called rubber ladies. Striped post to right is Aiming post for a mortar. I enlarged picture and noticed another mortar aiming post left side of picture near a stump. FH000040.jpg
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    Here's me suited up to go out in the field some where. Getting ready to drive in a convoy, south to Dian, pronounced Zeon. Project44.jpg Project1.jpg

  3. mdj696

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    One of our NDPs (night defensive position) south of An Loc off Route 13 (Thunder Rd). NDPs up and down Route 13 in support of each other. ARVNS in An Loc would pepper the perimeter with 105s mm each night to make sure sights were correct. Notice 155s. Buddy talked me into taking pictures with slides. Pictures still so clear today. Still have all slides. 166463-R1-54-54_055.jpg
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    Not having been in the military I like looking a pictures if there is an explanation of what I'm looking at. It almost makes me wish I had joined.
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    Our VTR (vehicle tank recovery) towing in twin 40mm Duster. Guns were great, engines were trash. Pulling engine on M48A3 tank after it hit a mine. Building behind it took a rocket 2 or 3 nights earlier, burned all night. 166463-R1-11-11_012.jpg 166463-R1-13-13_014.jpg
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    One of our 2 M48A3 tanks. A M48A3 engineer tank. 166463-R1-66-66_067.jpg 166463-R1-72-72_073.jpg
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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
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    This will give you a pretty good look at the size of a tank. FH010028.jpg
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    For you aviation guys, choppers and planes. 1-Only cobra I saw 1968 flying over. Used 1000 asa high speed film, even stopped the rotors. 2-Chinook moving radar tower. 3-Chinook at our base camp. 4- Flying crane on airstrip. 5- Taking pictures out of a Huey. 6- Flying crane. 0985730-R1-E008.jpg 0985730-R1-E013.jpg 0985730-R1-E018.jpg 0985730-R1-E021.jpg FH010002.jpg 0985730-R1-E006.jpg
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    1-Better picture of a twin 40 duster. 2-Chinook picking up concertina wire. 3- Huey at Phouc Vinh. My hooch other side of Huey. MIKEJONES00142LG-1.jpg FL000006.jpg Project107.jpg t MIKEJONES00142LG-1.jpg
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    Plane coming in for a landing. I think we called them Mohawks. All my color phoros are on slides, have 3 slide projectors. You should see them on a 8'X10' screen. 166463-R1-55-55_056.jpg
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    really cool!

    thanks for sharing with us.
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    Taking a break. 2- I worked on these too, 106mm recoilless rifles. 3- Picture I got from El Cabron at 1st Inf reunion. Mamason taking goods to market Phouc Vinh 1967. 4- Me playing with a mountain yard cross bow. On 106 cool how you bore sighted one. 4 notches on end of barrel for sting making cross hairs. Removed firing pin to bore sight. Top rifle, magazine fed, M8c spotting rifle, fired 50 cal.. (not 50 cal.. BMG) like chalk round to double check bore sight. One could adjust breach to equal amount of recoil to match blast out front. Saw video in small arms school where they fired one with a glass of water sitting on breach and didn't spill water when they fired it. Project5.jpg Project39.jpg Duane Knepp 2.jpg Project38.jpg Project39.jpg
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    Yeah, If I remember right they were twin turbo prop, pilot and co pilot. She had ejection seats also. The air Force complained:rolleyes: about Army having gun systems on them claiming that the turbo props made them Fighter planes and only the Air Force was supposed to have fighters.
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    Our VTR towing in a tank.Duster on side of Thunder Rd. providing convoy security in convoy. M-Jones-D334-LG.jpg FH010018.jpg
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    Great pictures. Thanks for posting them.:usa2:
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    Ditto, White Rook’s comments!!
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    Geez. You guys really like my pictures. I've had them for decades in the same Vietnamese camera carrying case all these years. Route 13 (Thunder Rd. nicknamed by GIs) runs north from around Saigon through Phu Loi, Lai Khe, An Loc to Loch Ninh. Went to google earth and looks like a paved divided 4 lane. Almost fell out of my chair. Moi Ba Dinh mountain, we named Virgin mountain is now an amusement park. Thunder Rd through a small village. Kids swimming in lake south of An Loc. Me about 6 years ago. Went of web, Viet Nam today and market place in Phouv Vinh is still there. MIKEJONES00180LG-1.jpg MIKEJONES00137LG-1.jpg Tao 172.jpg FL000003.jpg
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    These are great photos, mdj696 - Its real life on the ground of a war in country.
    Thank you for sharing these with us.
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    This picture I really like. Guard tower south side of perimeter Quan Loi. I think it's been renamed Tam Loi now. Quan Loi village. Theres nothing there now at our base camp east of Tam Loi (Quan Loi village) Notice GI sitting in tower surrounded with sand bags. Me with my orders back to the states. Guy from our company I found on the net sent me the picture. That's me in the middle. 15.jpg FH030007.jpg
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