Life is short..make the most of it...

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    An Amvets member of my post died saturday morning. Something told me to go in friday night but I ignored it. He had won $400.00 at the post on tear off tickets and bought the entire post drinks until the money ran out. People said my Amvet brother was in the best mood he had been in 3 months. He had a stroke 3 months ago and had battled his way back. He died the very next morning after having the night of his life the night before. Please say a prayer for Jim Henry, Bronze Star recipient Korea 1951-52.:usa: :(
  2. I'm a praying man--and yes I will. God bless his family and freinds.

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    God bless and God Speed! Definately in my prayers.
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    After having attended a funeral today for a friend and coworker I have to say we need to live life to all we can in these short years. My friend was 47 when he died of cancer - it started in his foot he tried every treatment until they took the foot, three months later and having said success no cancer they found more in his lungs. and finally two months ago he had a siezure in the office and when he was taken to the hospital they found 3 tumors in his brain. Unfortunately we lost Marc last Wed.
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    God does love old G.I.'s - peace be with him and God bless, we will include him in our prayers.
  6. I also lost a good friend last month. He was a hard drinking chain smoking stubborn old guy that spent about 4 hours every day in the bar drinking beer and whiskey. The last time I saw him I asked him if he felt OK because he didnt look too good. He went to the doctor and they told him to stop the smoking and drinking. He did that and one month later was dead from cancer. I miss all the conversations we had at the bar about guns and cars. He was an old drag racer and was still a pretty good shot with a pistol.
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    He is better off than where we are now. May he rest in peace, Amen.

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    Thanks guys, he would have enjoyed this forum if he had been into computers, he had no use for them. Maybe thats how he'd get so much done everyday??? :confused: :D

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    Sometimes I wouldn't mind seeing my screen fizzling and smoking myself!
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    My sincere condolences go to you concerning the loss of your past military friend.

    NRAJoe: I totally agree with your title about "life being short and making the most of it."

    It's really sad when your friends, past associates for whatever reason (including military), relatives, and others you know leave this very short lifetime on earth.

    When you start waking up to this fact of life, that's when you really realize that you're a mere mortal. In fact, a few of us even try to clean up a few loose ends and straighten out our lives when this lesson sinks into our thick skulls.

    My most sincere condolences go to you concerning the loss of your past military friend, Jim Henry, Bronze Star recipient in Korea and true American partiot.

    Oxford :nod:
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    Thank you Oxford, it's much appreciated. When you hit middle age such as myself and people you know start dying you get an odd feeling inside you and realize some of these people are only 20 or 30 yrs older than you. Ya start wondering where time went and why you haven't done somethings you promised yourselve you would do when your younger. Got a lot of catching up to do thats for sure!Man when I was 17 and in the Army I thought I'd live forever!
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    Me too joe when i go to the national cemetary in sante fe to see my dad and my father in law, and realize i will probably will be buried here, all i can think of is these veterans are the real heroes,
    right beside my father in laws grave is an unkown, a soldier who fought and died ,we may never know where, these ww2 vets are the real heroes, I see markers for civil war vets, spanish american war vets, ww1 vets, nam vets, gulf war vets I hope I am worthy to be here amen