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Like a kid in a candy store :-)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DaveTinNY, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. DaveTinNY

    DaveTinNY G&G Newbie

    Hello from Portland, Oregon! Nice out here.
    Saturday I gave the SA 1944 rifle (with the perfect SA 10 65 barrel) to Dad for his retirement... He had no clue what it was until, when opening the CMP box, he opened the *end* of the box and peeked in between the foam padding. I was trying to get him to open it longways but his impatience got the best of him. He had to peek!
    I noticed a gleam in his eyes after he saw the muzzle end of the M1 with the tag on the sight... Mom uttered something like, "what could it be?" and Dad replied with a smile, "I already know."
    I definitely "hit the jackpot" as far as gift giving goes for my father so I'm pretty happy.
    I also gave him a complete cleaning kit, 20 clips, 400 rnds of M2 Ball, a padded carrying case and Scott Duff's "Owner's Guide: M1 Garand," autographed to my father (a very nice gesture by Scott).
    Now he's got something to tinker with - especially with all the free time he'll have starting this Saturday. He hasn't "owned" an M1 for 40 years and the original one he had to give back to Uncle Sam. Can't wait to go shooting with him!
    Dave T

  2. Jeffro

    Jeffro G&G Newbie

    What a GREAT gift from a GREAT son!!!! Your dad must have raised you right for you to be so very considerate. My hat goes off to him......... and to you. Hope he enjoys it, and I can tell from your post that YOU got the best gift.......... seeing the look in his eye when he opened it and realized what it was.
    Very best to you. Jeffro (Jeff)
    PS: Here is a group photo of all of us on the Forum showing how proud we are of you for being so cosiderate:
    :D :) :D :D ;) :) :D
  3. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    way to go dave i guess you figured out the NJ ID card mess. any how great going wish my kids were so thoughtful!!!:(
  4. DaveTinNY

    DaveTinNY G&G Newbie

    Thanks gents. :)
    Hang in there, the kids will grow!
    Dave T
  5. militarianut

    militarianut G&G Newbie

    As to . .

    Him going out to the range he'll be just as good now (age aside) as he was then. I know my friend took his gramp to the range with one of his carbines (it was his gramps original thats a totaly different story) and he was AWESOME. He nailed that target every time. And I bet you dad wil too. Tell us how it goes!
    - myers
  6. DaveTinNY

    DaveTinNY G&G Newbie

    You're right, Myers, actually my dad already went shooting with me and my original Garand about six or eight months ago... He was in the black at 100 yards on the first couple of shots. In the army he had missed Sharpshooter by one tiny point; he disputes he had gotten that point, the range folks said no. Anyway, yes, he shoots well and that was my inspiration in buying the M1 for him. My mother said she hadn't seen that look get in his eye about too many things the first time he held my Garand (nearly fourty years later)... It takes a lot to get the man excited about inanimate things; the Garand is one of them. :)
  7. Dave,
    Your dad is one lucky guy! Thanks for sharing.
    Hal Beatty
  8. I am looking forward to my Dad's next visit. The last time I saw him with an M-1 in his hand was in 1967, just before he retired from the Navy. He was in a league type of shooters at NAS Pensacola where he was Admin Officer for CINABATRA.

    I got my CMP M-1 since his last visit. I might be able to get him to the range. He lives in a retirement community close to Ft. Belvoir, VA and can't have firearms there. I hope he and his girlfriend (he's old, not dead) can come up for a visit.

    WOW! I just found the new smilies! :spaceship
  9. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    your dad's retirement community doesn't allow guns:eek: :mad: danged if i would live there!!!!what are they supposed to do in case of hoodlum invasion???i have seen some that are little better than prisons the way they regulate the residents:mad: :mad: :mad: