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    He needs our help in South Carolina. The mega-billionaires are trying to buy this election. I/We need to maintain the Senate. He is going to lose if we don’t help! George Soros and other will see to that! You want an unrecognizable country? You all talk a good game. Time to pony up! Five dollars here, twenty dollars there.......I’m not independently wealthy, but I’m fixing to send $100! Yes, this country’s future is worth it! :usa:
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    Brother Bob: Sir; I was to be introduced to Lindsay a few years back.
    Once he learned I am from NC.
    he didn’t have time for me (exact words; as given to me)

    I still support him. In my small way
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  3. mitchr

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    I've always considered him a rino, but the "R" behind his name is helpful in maintaining control of committees, etc, so yeah, we need to keep him. Replacing him should be done with another republican, in the primary.
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  4. PaleHawkDown

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    Graham is nothing but a McCainite. I'd rather have him than a Democrat, but I'd rather have a trained bear on a unicycle in that office than Lindsay.
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  5. neophyte

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    SUBMOA: Sir; I did watch this in real time.
    Too; re-watch (just did) makes me ill.

    Trump’s new (woman) will be scarred forever. I can only begin to imagine what excrement she’ll be drug through
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    Yeah. I can't criticize how other countries run their politics when I see the disgusting manure pit our own political "system" has become.

    And with that, the "unbiased" news media is disgustingly corrupt and reinforces the political corruption.
    When I personally listen to a live radio interview, and next day the news outlets are reporting the exact opposite was said, I know there is no sense reading any of their disgusting trash.

    The scary part to me: Last night my 10 YO granddaughter said she was going to vote for Sara Gideon/Democrat (in the school polls) because Susan Collins/Republican tells lies. (Collins has been seriously outspent since late Spring with attack ads against her. Those ads drastically twist the facts. And 95% of the ads are paid for by out-of-state sources - not by Gideon's campaign).
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  7. eastbank

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    there are several with a R behind their name who use the republican party to get elected and then in critial votes vote with the dems, or against the bill. they know they can,t get elected in republican areas and to me are worse than dem,s as we know what they are.
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  8. PaleHawkDown

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    We've got Doug Jones (D) here, and his ads are all complete lies and fabrications. The only reason he got in the first time is that the incumbent was a tool, and Jones claimed to be a "conservative, pro-Trump Democrat".
    This was a lie.

    He's running against Tommy Tubberville, a former football star. This guy is also a scumbag and a liar. I am going to do something I swore I would never do - vote someone just because of their political affiliation, instead of their qualifications.
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  9. neophyte

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    PaleHawkDown: Sir; my oh my :(

    But he also had a brief stint as co-owner of a hedge fund. It did not go well.

    A little more than a decade ago, after departing from Auburn University where he was head coach, Mr. Tuberville entered into a 50-50 partnership with a former Lehman Brothers broker named John David Stroud. Their ventures, which included TS Capital Management and TS Capital Partners — T for Tuberville and S for Stroud — turned out to be a financial fraud. Mr. Stroud was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Mr. Tuberville was sued by investors, who accused him of fraud and violating his fiduciary duty to take care of their investments; he reached a private settlement in 2013.

    The episode has been seldom discussed in Mr. Tuberville’s Republican primary campaign for the Senate, in which his opponent in the July 14 runoff is Jeff Sessions, the former senator and attorney general who became an object of Mr. Trump’s ire after recusing himself from the Russia inquiry. The winner will face Doug Jones, considered perhaps the most vulnerable Democrat in the battle for control of the Senate
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  10. FortyXDM

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    Some call Sessions a Rhino, others a demmy.....
    Me...I just call him gutless.