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List of Favorite Shooting Ranges in Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by woody1981, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. woody1981

    woody1981 Love Your Firearms! Forum Contributor

    This is for the purpose of creating a list of the most favorite shooting ranges in Pennsylvania.

    1) Shooting Range on the Pennsylvania State Gamelands behind Dunbar PA.

    Generally not used, quiet, except for your firing.

    Anybody else want to join in? I'll create a complete list of members' favorites and post here.
  2. Rifle_Shaman

    Rifle_Shaman G&G Newbie

    Suscon Road its about 5 miles south of pittston.
  3. miss.kate

    miss.kate G&G Newbie

    I remember going to one in Gilpin... if I'm right, I think it was near Leechburg... I could be wrong. It was pretty quiet out there, not too bad. Just a simple little place... its an okay place unless its raining.
  4. brucegodlesky

    brucegodlesky G&G Newbie

    Yep, Gilpin rifle club
  5. Huntinfamily

    Huntinfamily G&G Newbie

    When I lived in PA my two favorite were; Sunset Hills shooting range outside of Stroudsburg ( worked there for a little while), and the public range off of RT 6 in Hawley. The public range was always quiet during the week when all the out of staters weren't there
  6. Earl Easter

    Earl Easter G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Gilpins close to me, but i never been at that club...I shoot in the back yard real close to Elderton on 422 East....
  7. brucegodlesky

    brucegodlesky G&G Newbie

    The Gilpin range is on Sober Rd in Gilpin Twp.
  8. pad711

    pad711 G&G Newbie

    Logan's Ferry Sportmans Club
    2-100yd ranges
    1 200 yd range
    1 300 yd range
    Trap range
    A few 50 and 75 yd ranges
    Cowboy shooting
    Best club around-Great Rules-No BOOZE at club
    Very safe
  9. 9mmXDm

    9mmXDm Suspended

    If your looking for free...

    Cumberland County State Game Lands. This is off 944 West. It is about 16.2 miles West of Enola, PA.

    Take 944 WEST, then turn left on 944 WEST. Follow to 34 and turn left. Then pick up 944 WEST again by turning right. It's about a mile down the road from the last turn.

    There is a pistol and rifle range.
  10. G. Green

    G. Green G&G Newbie

    Dream range

    You are shooting on my dream range. I have a couple of buds that can step out the backdoor and start shooting.
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