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  1. jv101

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    as my of you may or may not know i bought a savage 10fp a few months ago, and now want to upgrade the stock. Well from what I am told there are no stocks that will fit my savage because it has the new 4.411 action or something like that. I am a little dissappointed to hear this. Can anyone confirm this?
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    You should contact Savage and ask them.

  3. Steve

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    Send the old stock to RICHARDS MICRO FIT in california and they can duplicate it for an exact drop in fit in any grade of wood you want. Look them up on google.
  4. jv101

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    thing is i dont want a wood stock. and dont want to have to send it away and wait forever probably. Might just have to sell it now(if its true that is)
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    Should have bought a Remington M700 :D

    Seriously though, contact Savage, they are a pretty good company. They've been around, and I bet they have decent customer service.
  6. Should of bought a Ruger Hawkeye :pat:
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    ill have to wait until monday to contact savage :(
  8. Midas

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    Who exactly told you that the stocks wouldn't fit? I have honestly never heard of this.
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    a few people on a site called PBnation (its a paintball site but has alot of small talk on it too)
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    There are 2 quick ways to tell what style action you have.

    One is to measure the distance between the action screws.The other is to take the stock off and see if the mag box is attached to the action or to the stock.

    If it measures 4.25"(mag box will be attached to action) then you have the old style action, and all the aftermarket stocks will fit. If it measures 4.40"(mag box will be attached to stock) then you have the newer style "centerfeed" action and alot of the stock makers have not come out with stocks for them yet.

    I do know that Choate makes them for the newer action, but Bell @ Carlson does not. If you're looking for a custom synthetic one you can try Stockade Gunstocks. They are a little pricey but the quality is second to none. You dont have to send your stuff in either, just tell him what you have.

    I feel your pain as I have a centerfeed that I'd like to put a stock on, but the one I want isnt made for it yet.

    What kind of stock were you looking to use?

    Hope this helps,
  12. jv101

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    I really like the Choate varmint stock (the target/sniper isnt bad, but the varmint looks really nice to me!) I am mainly looking to reduce recoil, and add comforability, as we all know the savage rifles dont come w/ the best recoil pads/butt pads. after my first shot or two i start flinching/shaking/worrying about recoil. which gives me a HORRIBLE group, and when i mean bad, i mean bad. like so bad i never want to shoot again. I know i pick a caliber that has a bit of a punch (.308) but this plain out kills my shoulder!
  13. 308 Hummm Would you mind going to Wal Mart or a gun shop and looking for a recoil pad made by Sims Technology they have an after market recoil pad named Limb Saver.
    So if you'll try one those on your rifle it will cut the kick a lot !!!

    Better yet go take a look see at there web site and read about them.
    I would appreciate hearing what you think.
    Regards ...A.H
  14. Midas

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    Interesting, like I said, I have never heard of such a change.
  15. billy

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    Savage Rifle Stocks

    i have a feeling those paintball pals dont know what they are talking about.
    maybe im wrong but i dont think so.
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  16. Midas

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  17. billy

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    here is my 308 10-fp with a choate stock.
  18. jv101

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    i have been reading alot about the limbsavers. they seem great! however they only make a prefit one for the savage 110/10 wood stock... i saw somewhere it fits some synthetic stocks but im not sure if it will fit the 10fp. I also looked at the grind to fit ones. I was also looking to see if i could find a spring or hydrolic one but only one i found is $175 :( I was also wondering if it would be possibly to find a limbsaver onto a choate stock. (even though it looks like it has a decent pad) as i said im looking as stock for a better feel and reduced recoil... i called the shop where i got my gun from and they dont carry any limbsavers/recoil pads or stocks

    billy- thanks! i like the look for yours alot. which is what im going for. and i saw your grouping thread, now i dont want to get down to putting 3shots in the size of a dime right yet... i just want to beable to get alot better of a group! (one better then like 3-6 inches lol)... if only they had a scope like yours with mil dots id probably pick one up...but only if it is as clear if not more clear then my bushnell legend 5-15x40
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  19. billy

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    thats how i know they fit.
  20. What about this stock?
    Cabela's -- Bell and Carlson Savage Heavy-Barrel Stocks - Black Web

    When I searched "stock for Savage 10FP, this came up and a few other links that suggested this one. This is copy and pasted. But this is what it said for the link and stock above. I'm not sure if yours is heavy barreled though?

    A big improvement over the original stock that came with the Savage 10FP. ... are looking for a replacement stock for a heavy barreled Savage, give this a ...