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    I am a relatively new shooter and most of my experience is with my 1954 romanian m44. The last time I took it out I was shooting at a big rock at 360 yards and the rounds exploded into a shower of sparks on impact.

    It was about dusk at the time but i'm really wondering if it was the fact that it was kind of dark or the surplus ammo i'm trying out for the first time. It also did the same thing with a closer target around 75 yards that probably had hard rock under it. I was shooting steel core copper washed russian surplus dated 77.

    Heres a little video, shooting first at a target 75 yds and than adjust to the right for a target at 360 yds. You can kinda see some of the sparks in this vid but I didn't get any of the good ones really on film. I think I love my m44 a little bit more every time I fire it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - mosin nagant[/ame]
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    Welcome to the Forum, BigBlockCrx. Nice video.

    What was more noticeable was the famous M44 fireball, or Why You Never Fire From Lower Than The Kneeling Position In Dry Grass. I've no idea what caused the sparks. Was it a soft rock like sandstone or a hard rock like granite you were shooting at? If it's something like chert or flint, that would explain a lot.

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  4. that second shot was pretty sick
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    The second shot was the only one I really saw the sparks fly.
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    This is why the outdoor shooting range told me I couldn't shoot my surplus ammo at their range. They said it sparks on impact with the backstop and might cause a fire. They said it had to do with the steel core. Thats all I know.
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    Thanks for the replies, you should have seen it in person! They exploded into a shower of sparks off the rock at 360m yards. Its pretty **** fun 5 times in a row. The flash in your sight picture isn't too bad either. You can see a round spark a bit on the second to last shot on the far rock if you look closely. As of what type of rock it is i'm not sure but there must have been some under the target.
  8. Gotta love that muzzle flash.