Little Spurs Rodeo

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    Each year Fort Madison, Iowa has a professional rodeo during Labor Day week. Today was the Little Spurs Rodeo. The kids from 2 to 10 ride sheep, which are sheared and don't have much to hang on to. The 11 to 13 year olds ride calves. Our grandson is 12 and was on a calf this year. He rode the whole 8 seconds. They had a ride off of the kids who went the full time to see who would go to the finals at the pro rodeo on Wednesday. Well, the other calves ran to the other end of the arena and his was very calm in the chute. When the gate opened the devil possessed this calf and he started bucking. Chase went up in the air, came back down hard, and the crowd groaned. He did it again and we all cringed. The third time he came down off to the side and couldn't hang on. Made six seconds but his was the toughest calf of the day. He told his Dad that his underwear was full of dirt and he didn't know where his "privates" were but he didn't think he could find them. He held his head up and walked out of the arena. Everybody cheered. Bet he's going to be sore tomorrow. This kid was 2 pounds when he was born, lost down to 1 pound 10 ounces, weighs in at 63 pounds now, and is tough as nails. I need to find a job up that way so we can see him more.