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  1. I have been looking at the Ag42b semi-auto and was wondering if anyone out there thinks it's worth the investment and the quality of the gun?

    I have not seen one in any store in the Arizona area as yet.

    I have seen some in the Shotgun News and on a few sites but it's difficult to tell what the condition of the rifles are, in general. I mean, are most in just good condition....are there excellent condition out there?

    I also see where they run from the low $300s to higher $300 and I'm not sure if that is the going rate or if that's a bit too much, etc.

    I found a site that was selling used magazines and they were around $55 each...ouch!

    Thoughts will be appreciated.
  2. Jesse

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    Doug Bowser says the Swedish Ljungmann is the most accurate semi-auto battle rifle ever developed. I personally own one, and I have to say that it is one fine rifle. You can expect 1 MOA as a rule from an excellent barrel. 129gr. and 140gr. ammo is basically what is around on the domestic side. 140gr. Winchester is the ticket for deer. Hornady makes a 129gr. light magnum... but that round is mainly for bolt actions and not reccomended for semi-autos. If you find a Ljungmann for $350.00 GRAB IT! All of the ones I have seen lately are over $500.00. Kevin Carney of North China Arms usually has one for sale: http://www.armscenter.com/nca/
    If you inquire, ask him about accessories and parts beacuse he knows how to find them. Kevin also has excellent quality rifles for sale unlike the risk you may take elsewhere. I wouldn't worry about mags. The Ljungmann is fed with Swedish stripper clips used in the 96's and 38's. The mag release is not tactically feasible for a quick change. If you load a Ljungmann with strippers... HAVE THE SAFETY ON...! A Ljungmann, like a Hakim, can make a Garand thumb look like a papercut!
    I highly reccomend getting a Ljungmann. The prices on these rifles will only continue to rise. They are highly collectable and wonderful shooters.

  3. Klaus

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    The 6.5 mm round is incredible at long ranges. It is possible to make 1000 yard shots with it!
  4. Jesse...Klaus,

    Thanks mucho grande!

    You guys come through, as usual.

    I know the 6.5 x 55 is considered one of the finest rounds ever developed. My M96 is incredibly accurate.

    Once again, thanks, guys.