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Llama 1911 .38 Super

Discussion in '1911' started by Don357, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Don357

    Don357 G&G Addict

    I am considering a deal on a Llama 1911 .38 Super. I haven't seen the gun yet, or even talked directly to the owner, but it's offered for trade for a .22 rifle. I have E-mailed the owner in hopes of hearing from him soon.

    What's the skinny on these pistols? I had a Llama OMNI in .45 before and was not impressed, as it would fire doubles every time I pulled the trigger. I think it had a sear/hammer problem. Any way it wasn't a 1911. So what's the scoop on the 1911 .38 Super in regards to value, reliability, etc. Will standard 1911 accessories (grips, hammers, etc.) fit?

    Any info will be helpful.

    Thanks, Don
  2. nathangdad

    nathangdad G&G Newbie


    Llama, despite some real fans, did not last in the marketplace.

    I would not get this firearm unless you just want it for the sake of wanting it.

    It is not exactly the 1911 design. Repair parts, if ever needed, will probably be a nightmare. Resale value may be just about zilch as time passes.
  3. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe G&G Newbie

    I've heard some unflattering stories about Llama's reliability, fit, finish, and overall quality. And, as nathangdad said, finding spare parts that actually fit will not be easy - I don't believe they were made to Colt specs, so parts interchangeability is hit-or-miss.
  4. hack1911

    hack1911 G&G Newbie

    I love the 38 Super cartridge, but I'm not too crazy about Llama, thier pistols aren't exactly 1911s. I'd try to get a Rock Island in 38 Super instead, it's really a 1911, and RIAs are inexpensive and have a good reputation.
  5. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe G&G Newbie

    Well, many here at G&G know I always try to buy American (unless the gun in question is originally from another country - Tokarev, CZ-52, Hi-Power, etc), but if you aren't like that, you might try Taurus for a .38 Super 1911. I personally wouldn't get one, but only because I would buy American here. Most Taurus owners I've heard love theirs. Of course, as with any firearm purchase, it's a good idea to shop around some.
  6. Coyote428

    Coyote428 G&G Newbie

    Llama 38

    It's true that some Llama's were simply made with poor steel hence problems arose. That said, all problems are surmounttable. I have done much work on numerous brands and find the Llama "Extra" aka Llama VIII, WITHOUT the ribbed slide to be a pretty faithful copy of the 1911 38 super with the additional factor of a screwed on vs staked safety plunger tube and no grip bushings. The internal fire control parts are rough, the springs are heavy and the trigger/shoe are cast. (WTF?) However, replacement with standard or high quality Wilson/ parts yields a perfectly acceptable firearm. The frame and slide of this model are forged, the barrel is properly treated (although I treat all my barrels to a cryogenic treatment from 300 below zero) and 1911 grips can be made to fit with just a few mods. I have 9 of these models which I purchased in Sunny Mexico and all have been revised to reliable, accurate shooters. I refinish in duracoat 2 tone, smooth the slides and actually I believe they are as fine as any new Taurus, RIA or Colt in 38 super. I change the front sights to either hiviz or trigicon and the rears to millet or express. Since the price was very reasonable to start I have nice weapons that I only have invested about $400.00 in + Labor. Never turn down a deal if you know how to work on something. Research what you are buying first but don't turn your nose up just because of a name.

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  7. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    the only LLama pistol I have ever fired was a .45 (ribbed bbl) that a friend owned. it was a good shooting and reliable pistol that he put many rounds thru. one day while cleaning it he noticed the frame was cracked forward of the ejector. he now has a Springfield 1911
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