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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Eric, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Eric

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    Hey Guys,
    I've been looking at a Llama 1911. It has alot of the goodies on it, the MAX-I. The question is how much trouble is it to change out the top half. I want to put a 'maxed-out' slide on it with a standard 1911 extractor (I just don't like the Llama extractor, I like'em straight 1911-a1) and change out that extended slide stop with a standard one. The frame has almost everything I'd want. The new slide will will have lowered and flared ejection port, front/rear serrations and a Novak rear and dovetail front. bottom line, depending on how much trouble it is, I think I can have a really nice gun for really little money. I know somebody on here has a Llama page. Anyway, thanks in advance and Good Shooting! Eric
  2. Don Williams

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    Eric, I'd think twice about this project. The Llama pistols aren't true clones of the 1911, and some of the Colt type parts will work, and a lot of them won't.

  3. colt45

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    If you really want to do all that work on one I would recomend you do it to a ROCK ISLAND. They are sold by SARCO.
    they are a true 1911 clone made to 100% blue print specs. all parts cnc machiened.

    I have a remington rand 1911 and a union switch and signal 1911 both made in 1944.
    the rock island claims in there add that they are interchangable with the gov. parts. Just for shits and giggles I tried it and what do you know that philipieno made gun was all its adds says it was.

    They also made a comander version with the 4" barl.
    with all the fetures you want in the slide already. for an advertized dealer price of $325.00
    good luck
  4. jpaulghetto

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    i have a max-i. 4".i fitted a new bushing and cleaned up the trigger. i think the llama extracter adds measurably to the relyability of the 1911 design.while this pistol is no tack driver, it eats everything i feed it. i agree with the previous post, if you want a project gun, go with the fillipenno, there are several. FAC has one for $259. good luck with your project. jeff
  5. nonskeder

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    Eric: Not trying to talk you out of the Llama but have you considered the Sistema Colt ? I have had Don Williams build me a couple of them and have been real happy with the results. With a reliability pkg,trigger job and good sights you will have a good gun that will give you what you are looking for.

    Don changed out the barrels,stippled the front strap,new sights (Ashleys on one Kings on the other),new sear,Gold cup spur hammer, re-blued or parked and you have a gun that will run like a Timex and go bang every time. I have some high end stuff but go to the basic guns as my favorites. I have found that the Sistema is a good value and can deliver great results with the proper "work over". If you are not satisfied with a basic gun the Sistema will provide a good platform for further mods depending on how far you want to go.

    Im in my "less is more stage" and really like the basic 1911 with good sights,trigger,reliability pkg. This gives me a simple yet complete gun for defense or just having fun. Hope this helps. John.
  6. Eric

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    You guys are right. I'm still going to get the Llama and leave it as is, for $229 I don't think I can go wrong. For my little Project I'm going to get a RIA Hi-Cap frame and build on it. It's only $173. When that comes in, I figure I'll be living in my shop and on this forum. Thanks. Good Shooting! Eric
  7. PAPA G

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    SAY ERIC..............

    how did your hi-cap project turn out???;)

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    E-mailed him...see if he'll answer.
  9. grizzly

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    Just got my Llama project back

    I have a Llama IXC (Widebody 13 +1)
    Paid $275

    New Llama Barrel(Match Grade)
    Match Grade Link And Pivot
    Wilson BeaverTail
    Ed Brown Hammer
    Ed Brown Match Grade Sear
    Spring Kit
    Ejection Port Lowered And Flared
    Feed Ramp Polished
    Beveled Mag Well

    Took Her to the range today and let her talk to me...

    Originally ten inch groups at 75ft

    Now 5 inch groups at 75ft

    Pretty nice for a Llama...

    She won't touch my Springfield but more than happy with the results...

    Best Part is I bartered for both the pistol originally and for the upgrades.....

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