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Discussion in 'Winchester' started by styckk, Jul 31, 2002.

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    Right now I dont have the Sierra load book (plan to get it soon). Until then can someone out there with the book give me load listed for their 150 grn boattail bullet. Both the accuracy and listed hunting load using 4064 powder. I used load listed for accuracy a few years ago and was amazed just how well it shot in my rifle at the time. I sold the gun later and just managed to get it back. I appreciate any help, thanks.
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    I don't have the Sierra book but I use the Speer #13 for my 308 loads with the 150 grain bullet. I also swear by 4064 (a whole other subject) Heres my disclaimer; Never trust a load you don't read from the book yourself.
    IMR 4064
    47.0 grains (compressed) 2814 fps
    43.0 grains 2533
    start low and work up. I get my best accuracy in my model 700 with the lower end loads. BTW, Stoned mule deer dead with it.
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    I don't have any experience with loading the .308, but here is the data I have:
    with IMR 4064 - 46g vel:2800 ME:2612 (from sierra)
    Hornady fifth edition list's 44.9g as max. so I'd work from 42g on up and see what she does.
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    WOW! That was fast. I love this forum. Thanks for the information and the rapid responses. I have had decent groups shot with RL 15 and the 165 grain Nosler Ballistic tip bullets; but you know how it is! I remember that ONE fantastic (the very first) group fired thru this rifle and like chasing my first love, I am trying to recreate that initial conquest. Thanks again......there seems to be endless resources of information here.
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    I've been using Varget and the MK. Sweet. My 700 PSS puts them in under an inch at 100.