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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Hank Springer, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Hank Springer

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    Never make the mistake of thinking that the anti-gunners, the same crowd who will distroy people at McDonald's to further their cause, would hesitate to load weapons at a gun show.

    This anti-American scum will stop at nothing to push their Marxist agenda.

    We all saw them kill innocent children at Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City.
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    I don't want to start thread on the incidents you mentioned,they can be reserched elsewhere.
    But as far as the shows I attend All firearms brought in are inspected then a plastic wire tie is looped through the actions,and must remain while attending the event,Not saying something like you say could not happen......But with all of the "GOOD GUYS IN BLUE" a person would have to be tilted to try something this stupid,Not to mention all those with consealed carry permits who would step up to protect innocent bystanders.

  3. Tinman

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    Well having worked gun shows sence the 80s loaded weapons make it into the shows regularly. It seems that about half the Black Powder weapons we inspected were loaded. About everyother show we would see a loaded handgun. Remember Murphys Law. None of these weapons were carried by anti gunners, just stupid owners. Now I wouldn't put it past a anti gunner to come into a gun show and load a weapon, but I have never seen, or heard of that.......that is until now.
    I know I shouldn't do this but...............what anti gunners were involved at Oklahoma city? Tim McVey was anything but an anti gunner.
  4. Hank Springer

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    Oh Well

    Tinman, Don't believe everything the media puts in front of you. Three of the leading explosive munitions experts in this country have denied the possibility of McVeigh's bomb doing the job, regardless of the size of the truck, that grew from day to day. That, combined with other facts, shows that he had a lot of help from those who knew of his plan.

    The seismic readings, that are being recorded 24/7 detected four and possibly five devises detonated at that scene and time.

    As was said the facts are there. Study them, but be sure you're getting facts. That information is comming from different sources, some reliable and some not.
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    On the Murrah building, the columns on the front of the building went down exactly as if charges had been placed at their bases. I had heard, too, that seismic recordings revealed several almost simultaneous blasts.

    If this was not done with some cooperation of the Anti-Gun Nuts inside the Government, then I would be surprised. To the Anti-Gun Nuts, the End Result Justifies the Means.

    I would like to know why the ATF people were not present in the building. I heard they were warned not to be there that day. This was some of the data that had been suppressed prior to the trial, and suppressed again when efforts had been made to at least temporarily stop the execution.

    I believe that the prime suspect was punished correctly, but it should have been put on hold. He was too willing to be executed, and I believe that was because he had information that he knew he would reveal if he was not executed quickly.

    CONSPIRACY, you had better believe it happens all the time!!!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    I had actually heard a rumor about the Oklahoma City bombing that I had not heard anywhere else. Here it goes, and do not think I support this I am just repeating what was said to me some time ago.

    McVeigh was a guy the government recruited to blow up the building. The waco revenge scenario was all part of the plan. The reason for this was the government had a large reason to believe that Militant Black Movement was planning on something big. Another race riot like the one in the 70's or something similar to that. The bombing was done in order to draw attention to the number of militia type people and the number of these types of weapons available in the hands of White America.

    Now the guy that told me of this has been known to stretch the truth a little. You know the type of guy that always has a good story about something. He told me that his brother(a former sheriff's deputy) was shown by a former coworker of his a memo that the government had sent out to local law enforcement.

    Now please do not think I am trying to incite a racial riot or actually believe this rumor. I did not ever hear of anything else to to this and usually rumors such as this are widespread.

    comments please?
  7. Jesse

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    No Offense but I think that is complete nonsense. I can't imagine that even if such a thing were true, that the government would trickle that type of "covert" info. to local law enforcement. Someone would have come forward. The "racial aspect" of this rumor is, in my opinion a part of the same vein as propaganda books and novels we see so frequently today. I have my own questions concerning Ruby Ridge and Waco, but this Oklahoma City conspiracy thing is way out there.

  8. Hank Springer

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    You're on the right track


    Those columns were burned from the inside, as was observed by a munitions expert who was ejected from the site by force.

    Rescue teams were detained for 46 minutes, while ATF removed what they called sensitive materials, an item that was identified by some knowledgable witnesses as an unexploded bomb.

    A female employee was told, momants before the blast, to go to the rear of the building and not to ask questions.

    Buildings, directly accross the street, sustained only minor damage while the federal building was almost totally destroyed.

    Oklahoma City officials were refused the right to investigate the scene of this major crime and the crime scene was completely destroyed and removed in the same manner as was the Waco scene.

    There is evidence that McVeigh was threatened with harm to his family if he spoke about the bombing.

    The statement was made, by experts in the field of explosives, that McVeigh's bomb would have done no more than break a lot of glass and destroyed the truck.

    There are many more interesting facts that point to the fact that those responsible will never be charged.
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    And who did ya'll say shot JFK??? I guess this should be on the conspiracy thread. For the new guys, this was on the old forum.
  10. Dennis

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    It was that cigarette smoking guy, Yea, saw it on TV so it must be true.
    The tobacco company's didnt want to pay so they blew up WTC AND Oklahoma City Yea thats it.
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    I do not know who all shot JFK but Oswald was certainly involved, as was Ruby and LBJ. The vice president had much evidence destroyed and was directly responsible for sabotaging the investigation from the start and the extensive tampering with the corpse. Then there is all the film and cameras seized by alleged federal agents at the scene. If you look at the Zapruder film and the few others that were released, you can see dozens of people filming the event from many angles, yet most of the film was never heard of again. Later the government claimed that all the other footage did not exist, but all you have to do is look at the films to see how many people had movie cameras and still cameras going.
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    You're right Klaus, there are a bunch of different people shown filming the motorcade. It always makes me wonder what's going on behind the scenes. This is just some second hand information and I really doubt it's reliability but... A friend of my fathers who is a retired lawyer whom I trust but this could be far fetched. He spoke to a reporter who spoke to a man living in Germany. This man claimed to have been paid by the government to have helped assassinate JFK but under one condition... he leave the country immediately and never return. I can't remember what he said was his job, if he was an extra triggerman or what. I don't know if any of you guys have heard of anything like this but I just thought I'd share it. Certainly take it with a grain of salt!!

  13. What happened 2 weeks ago at that gun show, a teenager was shot at the counter, has anybody been charged yet? As for the JFK murder...you can get the book Double Cross by Sam Giancana Jr. or you can go to courttv.com go to mobsters and you can read all about JFK and Bobby ....Sam Giancana was the man who had them murdered ..Jack Ruby worked for Giancana......Giancana had control of everything..he was the real Godfather...he made Monroe a star and also ended her life...you can do some research..this is all true....:nod: