Lobbying for Obama

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    Incredulous, easy-to-debunk claims of presidential candidates are often subjected to fierce media scrutiny. In the case of Obama, however, the media has been suspiciously negligent. Supremely confident of his intractable media support, a carefree Obama conceals his contradictions and weak positions with blanket statements, effectively misrepresenting the truth, distorting his record to make it more favorable, or sweeping criticisms under the rug. And a starry-eyed media smiles and nods.

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    How can anyone read this and still support Obama? Where is the change? The same ol' Lobbyists and special agenda supporters buying the top Democratic Politician.

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    The more I know about him the less I like. All smoke & mirrors.
  4. Obama, like the Clintons . . .

    plays to emotion rather than using facts to bolster creative ideas.

    It will eat him alive in the general election when middle class voters
    want to know policy plans and costs associated with those plans.

    It will no longer be time to stand at the podium with a big smile
    and the promise of a better tomorrow.
  5. I for one, hope the words of your first paragraph prove true!