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How do you view criminal acts.

  1. I believe that a crime is committed when a person acts to deprive another life liberty and the pursu

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  2. I believe that people and their actions are neutral and are made either good or bad by laws that are

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  3. I believe crime a crime is commited when people act in a manner that others do not approve of.

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  1. wes

    wes Guest

    The guy living down the street,smoking a joint in his own house,and not bothering anyone is not a criminal. Laws against possession are not there to "protect" us,they are there to CONTROL us. The RIGHTS that we have are being changed everyday to PRIVILEGES. By simple wording,we are led to believe that what we have,can be taken away at the whim of a new "law".


    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast


    You gave it away! lol. But I guess it wasn't too hard to figure out.
  3. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    Guys I found out the woman I have been seeing the past few weeks smoked that stuff as close as a year ago lets say this simple. I called it quits Immediately because my opinion is that people who use drugs are the bottom of the gutter otherwise known as liberals and democrat's
  4. Stopper

    Stopper G&G Newbie

    Can't beat a man for stick'n to his beliefs! Gotta honor it!

    The stuff grows naturally, so I don't have a problem with it. However, the other crap that has to be manufactured needs to be erradicated!! Absolutely no tolerance for anything but WEED! Its just natural, besides one of WW2 slogans was "Victory through Hemp!"

    Just keep it h*ll away from the kids!

    Don't want people operating vehicles on it, but it doesn't leave a hangover the next day!
  5. Oneshot

    Oneshot Guest

    Ok, i agree, the hemp is ok with me. I have never smoked it or used any other unlawful drug, but i cant say that i didnt have a few drinks before i was old enough, so i'm not completely innnocent either. Why dont they just treat it like alcohol? Dont drive on it, or anything else you shouldnt do while drinking. Same rules for it as alcohol. As to the other substances that have to be manufactured, lets say i dont lose sleep when a meth lab just happens to go BOOM. As long as no one who wasn't involved in the manufacture or trade got hurt. If kids, LEOs, etc get hurt, i have a problem with it, but as long as it's just the "responsible parties", they chose the way they lived, and died. Now how do we eradicate the stuff that gets innocent people hurt or killed?

  6. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    Well, I think the highly addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin should be illegal, as well as unpredictable ones, such as LSD, which can cause flashbacks. I do not care if someone smokes pot, drinks rum, or drinks shroom tea as long as they are not endangering others. Anyone who endangers others by operating heavy machinery or driving under the influence should be severely punished. And drug use can not be used a defence incase of a crime or accident.
  7. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    decriminalize drug use...decriminalize prostitution. those crimes have no victims (an addict can't convince me that he is a victim). The problem here is the number of jobs that are directly related to support these industries...there are an awful lot of jobs in vice and drug interdiction. A justification for the government to increase it's budget and powers...remember the "only drug dealers and cops need assault weapons" arguement that Clinton used to get elected the first time. The drug war is a trojan horse that will seal the fate of a large part of our freedoms...including the 2nd amendment.
    I don't use drugs...I don't like prostitution...but I fail to see a real victim (except for the bill of rights)...nowadays the fourth amendment is argued away as "Well if you don't have anything to hide what are you worried about ?"